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    The Best Vacation Destinations for Every Season

    The most popular vacation season is summer when people flock to theme parks, beaches, and resorts to relax and have fun. Summer is a great time for a vacation, but spring, fall, and winter each has its own special blend of attractions and allure. Here are some exciting vacation destinations to think about, no matter what the season.

    Best time to visit Phuket

    The paradisiacal island of Phuket is the most popular tourist destination in Thailand. The perfect place to enjoy beautiful beaches, stunning landscapes, and taste the exquisite cuisine of Thailand. A destination to savor it calmly. In this guide, you can discover which is the best time to visit Phuket, as well as the climate of each of its seasons so that you can choose the best option for your trip.

    When to travel to Phuket

    Thanks to the high temperatures of the island, Phuket is ideal to visit it at any time of the year, although, of course, several differences are depending on the months. One of the best times to visit Phuket is in the months of December to March.

    In these months, the humidity is pleasant, without a high probability of rain, and with long hours of sunshine per day. Perfect to fully enjoy your trip.

    Especially in the months of December to February, since they are further away from the rainy season. The ideal time to take advantage of all the tourist attractions.

    Travel seasons

    The high season to travel to Phuket in December to March, since the temperature is more pleasant, with no probability of rain. It is the perfect time to enjoy its beaches and to be able to practice all kinds of water activities.

    The average temperature is 32ºC, with an average of 8 hours of sun per day and with a water temperature of 27ºC. In addition, the probability of rain is only 8 days.

    The price is higher than the rest of the year and it is more difficult to find accommodation at an affordable price.

    The average season to travel to Phuket is in the months of November and April, since the good weather is good during these months, although there is a small probability of rain. This is because in November, the rainy season usually ends and in April it begins, without having a fixed date so that it can be a drawback for your trip.

    The average temperature is 31ºC, with an average of 7 hours of sun per day and with a water temperature of 28ºC while the probability of rain is 16 days.

    Prices are much cheaper than in the high season and you can beat the heat on its beautiful beaches as they are still perfect for a dip.

    The low season to visit Phuket is in the months of May to October, since it coincides with the rainy season. The temperature is overwhelming due to the high humidity and most of the trip will be raining.

    The average temperature is 25ºC, with an average of 6 hours of sun per day and with a water temperature of 28ºC. While the probability of rain is 20 days. Prices are much cheaper than the rest of the year, without mass tourism.

    The worst time to travel to Phuket

    The worst time to visit Phuket all year round is in the low season, from May to October, due to the constant rains.

    Despite maintaining a pleasant temperature, the rain can be most annoying to know the attractions of the place, since it rains for days on end, without being able to hike to discover the beautiful green surroundings of the area.

    Weather in Phuket

    The climate in Sydney is tropical throughout the year, with pleasant temperatures. The rainiest season corresponds to the months of May to October, the sun accompanies throughout the day, but the rains are usually constant, reaching a minimum of 25ºC.

    Being the rainiest month in September, with 23 rainy days. In the hottest months, from December to March, the average temperature is 32ºC, making it ideal to enjoy your trip around Phuket fully.

    Tips for traveling to Phuket

    To access Phuket, it is necessary to have a valid DNI and Passport for the next 6 months. It is also necessary to obtain a tourist visa for Thailand and a photocopy of round trip airline tickets.

    In the city, the currency of Bhat is used. I recommend you make the change at the airport or in your city of origin. In most establishments, you cannot pay by card.

    Hallstat Austria , how to get there and where to sleep.

    This wonderful country nestled in the mountains. It is not easy to reach from Italy, or rather, you have to take into account several hours of travel. How best to get to Hallstatt actually depends, logically, where you start from. Now I’ll tell you about our experience.

    Hallstatt Austria, how to get there

    By car: from northern Italy in my opinion it is worthwhile. Since there are no nearby airports, the time taken with your own vehicle would correspond to that to go to the airport, wait for the flight, rent a car or take public transport, etc… indeed, perhaps you would extend the time.

    From Modena, we took for Tarvisio on the way, stopping in the spectacular village of Monte Lussari, and for the Brenner on the way back, making a stop for lunch in the pretty village of Egna, south of Bolzano.

    Journey time, excluding stages: 6h 30min.

    Route map, the outward one in blue and the return one in gray

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    However, Easyjet will connect Milan MXP to Vienna from 31 May 2018, with daily flights, excluding July and August, in which they will be bi-weekly.

    If you are traveling from central or southern Italy, the best way to get to Hallstatt is by plane.

    Always Easyjet connects Naples to Vienna, while the national carrier Austrian Airlines also travels with direct flights from Sicily, Palermo, and Catania.

    If you prefer public transport, from Vienna the train is better, and there are two types of routes to choose from, which depart from two different stations: the first leaves from  Vienna Main-Train-Station (Wien-Hauptbahnhof), while the second from  Vienna-West-Train-Station (Wien-Westbahnhof).

    On the Austrian railway’s website, you can find the route that suits you:

    Once you arrive at Hallstatt station, you will have to take the ferry which, with € 2.50 per person one way, will take you to the town center.

    Where to sleep in Hallstatt

    If you arrive with your car, know that you cannot leave it in the center of the town and that almost all the lake view structures do not have parking. You will therefore have to leave it in a paid one on the edge of the village, the P1 and P2.

    • (Motorhomes can only be parked in the P3 car park).
    • The costs for 2018 are as follows:
    • 1-3 days: 13.00 Euro / per day
    • 4-7 days: 8.00 Euro / per day
    • from 8 days to departure: 6.00 Euro / per day
    • If you come during the day, these are the current prices:

    20 minutes free

    • from 1 to 2 hours: 6.50 Euros
    • from 2 to 3 hours: 8.50 Euros
    • of 20 minutes 1 hour: 3.50 Euros
    • from 3 to 12 hours: 9.50 Euros
    • from 12 to 24 hours: 0 , 50 Euro / h

    In short, they are not exactly economic prices.

    The alternative is to choose a structure outside the center, which will allow you to leave your car in the hotel car park, at no additional cost. Ok, you don’t have a lake view, but you will be equally well, you will save two pennies and you will still comfortably reach the village on foot, through a pleasant walk.

    Hallstatt Austria where to sleep gasthof hirlatz

    We stayed at the Gasthof Pension Hirlatz, behind the village, near the stream and in the funicular area.

    I recommend it for the location, 20 minutes walk from the center, for the presence of the parking lot, for the tranquility of the place, and for the rooms with large and clean balconies.

    By booking, you can also dine on-site, although the menu is not very varied.

    In Hallstatt in the center, however, you will find several Gasthof with restaurant, some even of a certain level, as well as there are shacks that sell hamburgers and hotdogs … in short, there is a choice for all budgets.

    Hallstatt Austria how to get there

    At this link, a list of good quality facilities to stay in Hallstatt: where to sleep in Hallstatt –

    I hope that, with my information and my advice, you will be able to organize a wonderful holiday in Hallstatt, including it in a wider itinerary, to discover all the beauties that Austria is able to offer.

    Discover all the wonders of Hallstatt!

    Will virtual reality become an alternative to real travel?

    The coronavirus has changed several things for people around the world, and it primarily affected travel and the tourism industry. Perhaps virtual reality will become an alternative to real travel, and someday it will completely replace such an experience. But not everything is so simple with this technology.

    5 Helpful Travel Tips for Young Professionals

    As a young professional, there is a good chance that you are doing a lot of traveling. This is why it can help to have some travel tips and tricks. Not only do you want to find a way to pack light and efficiently – you also want to find a way to book an affordable hotel room. Moreover, you want to find accommodations that offer a great view and amenities. Sure, you may not need the nicest amenities – you are only staying for a night or two – but it can be nice to have a comfortable environment to get your work done. Also, there is entertainment to think about – if you are a young professional, there is a good chance that you want to go out and eat, see a show or relax before a big meeting.

    Dublin Travel Basics for First-Time Visitors

    If you have never been to Ireland, you are going to have a blast in Dublin. It’s one of the most fun and romantic cities in the world, and the people tend to have a very jovial sense of humor. You can learn all about it in guide to Dublin, but for now, here are some Dublin travel basics for first-time visitors.

    Traveling to Europe in College: 5 Fun Destinations

    Traveling to Europe as a college student is a right of passage. There will come a time when you and your friends from MBA degree online will pool together your cash, purchase plane tickets and head to Europe with backpacks full of clothes and heads full of ideas. There is also a good chance that when you land, you will hit the nearest hostel and then make your way on your journey.

    Want to travel on a shoestring budget? Here is what you should do.

    We all have a travel bug, and every now and then it pops its head up, nudging you to go on that trip. But then you look at your pocket and decide otherwise. Travelling can be expensive, and to be able to travel with having to spend the least possible amount of money is the dream. It’s certainly difficult, but not impossible. You could plan well, or make use of some discounts or privileges, with airline partners. Anything that helps you pay less is a great idea!

    Your Travel Bucket List Starts Here

    What’s on your bucket list? Maybe you want to do something you’ve never done before. Perhaps you want to live abroad or spend time doing charitable work. Your bucket list probably includes dreams of traveling to exotic locales and engaging in fascinating adventures. Maybe you’re having trouble deciding just where to go. Have you thought about adding any of these great destinations to your list?

    Truth Is Stranger than Fiction When it Comes to Travel

    Most people who travel extensively have their own stories of trips gone wrong. Most have to do with tales of lost luggage, where a bag goes to Belize when it’s supposed to go to Boston. Some true travel tales go beyond lost luggage and into the realm of “you can’t be serious.”

    7 Travel Accommodation Options to suit every pocket

    To travel is to live. Travelling liberates a person and tends to find one own self. You make unforgettable memories during your trips. And so you need to make sure that those memories are pleasant. Accommodation is an important part of your journey and it needs to be selected as per your budget, location, facilities available etc. Choosing the right accommodation saves a lot of money.

    5 Travel Safety Tips for College Students

    As a college student, you may enjoy the relative freedom to travel unattended for the first time in your life.  Without your parents to guide and protect you, however, you could end up in some unsafe situations if you’re not careful.  This isn’t necessarily your fault.  After all, you’re inexperience and ignorance are likely to blame.  However, you’re the one who will suffer from a lack of knowledge.

    5 Safe Destinations for College Student Travel

    Right now, the world isn’t as safe as it used to be. Whether you are pursuing MBA program or if you are getting your degree in cinema or liberal arts, you can always risk traveling somewhere or studying somewhere that has either a high crime rate or is politically unsafe. Indeed, if you are planning your travels for spring break, summer vacation or a winter holiday, you want to know where all the safe locations are.

    5 Money-Saving Travel Tips for College Students

    When you’re a college student, there’s nothing more fun than using your vacation time to go explore the world. Even if you’re earning your degree with online, you are going to need some vacation time here and there. You may not have a ton of money, but with a strong wanderlust, you can cover a lot of ground. You just have to know how to get around on a shoestring budget and how to find out about all the coolest events going on.