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    Best travel guides to prepare trips, guide comparison

    Are you thinking of buying a travel guide and don’t know which one to buy? Do you want to travel soon and do not know which is the best destination for you? In this article, you will find information about the different travel guides that will make your next decision easier. Sounds good? We started!

    Types of guides

    Apart from the different publishers of travel guides, there are also different types of guides. There are travel books for all tastes, from the most generic guides with all the information of an area or country, to very specific guides of a city, museum, natural park, etc. Here we summarize some of the most common formats. Do you use them all?

    Country guides

    These are the typical travel guides with all the necessary information to travel to a country. Here you will find the best time to go, the places to visit, itinerary proposals, information on hotels and restaurants … In short, everything you may need during your days at the destination.

    City guides

    When the destination of the trip is a specific city, the previous guides tend to fall short of information and are too voluminous (and expensive). The city guides offer much more specific information about the city, timetables of the places to visit, detailed plans of museums.

    We do not usually use this type of guide because we are not very fond of cities and because more and more cities have their own fully updated tourism websites. However, there are many people who still prefer the paper format!

    Guides to specific places or types of travel

    travel guides to prepare trips

    Sometimes we do not look for information about a country, but we need first-hand information on ways to travel: car route through the Alps, motorcycle route through Bali …

    When you need very specific information about a certain place or route, we usually turn to blogs of travelers who have already done this route, they have the information first-hand.

    However, with the facilities provided by ebooks, many travelers are encouraging themselves to offer this information in electronic book format, very practical when you are offline! Some publishers are even starting to publish this guide format.

    Generic books

    This section includes those guides that serve to read about places around the world and help in the search for the next destination, not so much to orient oneself in one already chosen. There is a great variety: Best places in the world, best backpackers destinations, best motorcycle routes …

    They are very useful when you do not have a fixed destination or when you want to look for something different.

    Guides 2.0 Paper or ebook?

    With the appearance of ebooks and the increase in the size of the screen of our smartphones, more and more publishers are converting their guides to digital format, but … is a digital guide better than a paper one?

    To make sure we tried it ourselves last year during our trip to Indonesia and Singapore. We had our ubiquitous backpacking Southeast Asia physical guide and downloaded the country guides to our Kindle for free using the Kindle Unlimited trial program.

    After our tests, we are very clear about the advantages and disadvantages of this new format.


    • You can carry all the guides you want (or can afford) in a device with smaller dimensions and weight than a single guide.
    • Digital guides have approximately a 40% reduction in price.
    • It is easy to buy guides in your language online once you arrive at your destination.


    • We do not organize ourselves as well as with paper one, probably due to lack of habit. Even using markers, moving between them is a hassle.
    • Although the battery lasts a LONG time, it is not infinite … Another device to charge and more possibilities of running out of battery.
    • It is not a device designed to operate in extreme weather conditions.
    • We have never broken a paper guide, an ebook yes.
    • Although it is possible, it is difficult to take notes on the go.

    Free and legal Lonely Planet travel guides

    Still don’t know that you can download some Lonely Planet guides for free and totally legal? Yes, we too were surprised when we found out.

    To take advantage of this promotion, all you have to do is sign up for the free 30-day trial of Kindle Unlimited. After 30 days you will decide if you are interested in the service or cancel it at no cost.

    Once registered, you can search for your favorite guide for free by selecting the “Available on Kindle Unlimited” filter on the left bar. Here is a list of free Lonely Planet on Kindle Unlimited.

    Do I need a travel guide?

    Before purchasing your new travel guide, think about whether you need it. Today we can find practically all the information necessary to travel completely free and up-to-date on the internet.

    However, if you plan to go to a less well-known place or do not want to follow a certain route, you may prefer to buy a travel guide of the country to organize as you go.

    Be that as it may, you think that acquiring a travel guide has its advantages and disadvantages:


    • You have all the information clearly summarized in the palm of your hand.
    • They usually come accompanied by maps and images that end up being very useful.
    • They have verified information on accommodation and restaurants.


    • The information they include was true on the day of its issue. The inexpensive restaurant will raise prices due to the large influx, the ideal accommodation will be full and that remote place that nobody was going to will now have even a box office. You are not the only one buying that travel guide, remember that.
    • They are general guides and therefore they have a lot of information that you do not need but that you will have to pay and carry throughout your trip (they are not especially light guides).

    Our opinion

    After trying different guides and even traveling without them (yes, it is possible!) We will continue, for the time being, buying and using the paper guides.

    It is true that we have not bought many guides. In our trips to Asia, we have taken the great Southeast Asian guide for backpackers to the destination. And we have read one of the countries themselves, more complete and voluminous, before leaving on a trip (some loaned by friends and others by the library).

    • The price of these guides (especially in Spanish) seems disproportionate for the type of trip we do, although their quality is well worth it.
    • The size and weight of these guides make them not very recommendable for those looking to be independent travelers or backpackers.

    We have to face it, we are fans of the Lonely Planet! Although we always value all the options in case a specific destination has a better option. 99% of the time we end up with a Lonely in our backpack. Can you help us to change? We await your opinion in the comments!

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    Free Walking Tour: What It Is And Why It Is Worth Doing It

    You are visiting a city never seen before, you have prepared yourself a program as a good traveler. You have been informed about the costs and travel times between one attraction and another. Perhaps you have also read online the history of the city or the main information and curiosities about the places you are going to visit. You arrive in the city and you realize, however, that you would like to know and discover more. Understand the customs and traditions , have someone from the place who can explain everything to you. And make you even more passionate. In this case, a free walking tour is definitely the one for you!

    7 virtual tours for choosing the trip of your dreams

    In this delicate moment of national emergency, many of you have been forced to postpone the big day to a new date. While waiting for everything to return to normal. You can continue planning the wedding from the comfort of the sofa at home. The Internet offers many ways to carefully select the wedding dress according to every need. Tips on new trends for the preparation of the ceremony. And banquet with many ideas of wedding place cards and decorations for the area where the reception will take place. And helps you to choose the destination of your romantic honeymoon very easily. Today we are going to tell you about a cutting-edge tool that gives you a taste of virtual tours of the most beautiful places in the world. Are you ready to dream?

    1. 360 ° Chile

    A trip to Chile is much more than just visiting one country. The very long state of South America boasts stunning landscapes, fascinates with its glaciers, lakes, volcanoes, and the driest deserts in the world.

    The Chilean tourist office has launched Chile at 360 °, an application that allows you to discover the most beautiful natural spaces of this country full of contrasts directly from your smartphone.

    Fascinating natural landscapes but also culture, Chile at 360 ° brings together the most emblematic places to visit in the territory: the Atacama Desert, the Torres del Paine National Park, and even the incredible Easter Island!

    2. Safari: a hymn to nature and adventure!

    in nature and adventure virtual tours

    A safari is a unique and unforgettable experience to do at least once in a lifetime. A holiday full of adventure among the imposing African landscapes and the rarest and endangered species of animals. National Geographic offers documentaries on the most unusual animals. It can venture into the Okavango Delta in Botswana. And admire elephants, hippos, giraffes, and many other animals in their natural habitat.

    3. The wonders of the Egyptian world

    Land of the pharaohs, of cities where the vestiges of several millennia of history survive, of majestic temples, and of the Nile. Egypt has always seduced and captured the imagination of many!

    For those who choose Egypt as their honeymoon destination. The country’s tourist office opens its doors to a virtual tour of the emblematic monuments: the tomb of Queen Meresankh III, the Ben-Ezra synagogue, the Sultan-Barquq mosque, or the Red Monastery and its paintings.

    Discover a thousand faces of this country from the comfort of your home: nature, history, culture. And millenary civilizations come together creating a virtual tour that will help you discover this land with a unique and suggestive atmosphere.

    4. Mount Rushmore: the sculpture with the faces of the four presidents

    In Mount Rushmore virtual tours

    Symbol of the nation with the famous faces of American history carved on the rock. The four presidents of the USA: George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt, and Abraham Lincoln.

    This monument is located in the state of South Dakota, it is a real sculpture. Born from the genius of the sculptor Gutzon Borgler and obtained from the processing of granite blocks. Its construction took 14 years of work, 400 workers, and tons of dynamite.

    Are you curious to know more? Today you can visit it with this fun 3D tour!

    5. Discovering the beautiful country

    How many of you will choose Italy as a honeymoon destination? Italy has the largest UNESCO world cultural heritage of any other country. From north to south it is possible to come across its countless artistic beauties. A country is rich in history, monuments, historic buildings, and natural wonders.

    Among the most beautiful virtual tours that you can enjoy comfortably from home. Those of the Vatican Museums stand out, thanks to which you can also visit the Sistine Chapel, the Pinacoteca di Brera in Milan. And the Quirinal Stables in Rome virtually opens the doors of the exhibition ” Raffaello 1520-1483 ”with videos and insights on the artistic work of the Renaissance painter.

    6. Cliffs of Moher: the best views from Ireland’s famous cliffs

    How much would we like to be in front of a natural landscape and admire the blue horizon right now? The Cliffs of Moher are one of Ireland’s best-known tourist attractions immersed in an environment where the fresh air calms and invigorates. This magnificent virtual tour will give you the chance to get some fresh air on the iconic and imposing cliffs of County Clare. And enjoy the beauty of its breathtaking landscape.

    7. Paris: a trip to the most romantic city of art in the world

    The most popular destination for romantics and tireless art lovers. Paris is once again confirmed as the ideal place for a honeymoon.

    A city of art, culture, and elegance that offers you an unforgettable journey to discover the charming Montmartre district, the enchanting Eiffel Tower. A must-have for every couple in love, candlelit dinners aboard a Bateaux on the Seine and of its countless works of art.

    Its splendid museums, the Louvre, the Palace of Versailles. And also the Monet Foundation in nearby Giverny open their doors to visitors through a virtual tour that takes you inside their spaces and presents the extraordinary collections.

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    How to plan a trip to California?

    California is a federal state that belongs to the United States of America. This place lately reveals a great interest and is preferred as a tourist destination by many people. Current and surprising, these are the two basic characteristics which this destination is chosen. The latter is a vibrant, inspiring, and cosmopolitan city.

    The itineraries to follow are immense and allow you to appreciate the locality in every detail, visiting it and discovering its culture and history. Obviously, before your plan a trip to California, you must take all precautions by informing you and planning your trip with the help of a tourist agency. In the following guide, I’ll explain all details.

    Plan a trip to California

    The first thing you need to do is to choose the itinerary. So go to the agency and get advice from the travel consultants. Or browse the main tour operator sites and consult the opportunities which are proposed to you. But before making a travel decision, check if the tour fees, any extra nights, and airfare are included. At this point, choose the places to visit. For example, organized tours that include coach transport are often preferred.

    This way you can visit more places, accompanied by a guide. For example, you can choose to leave Las Vegas by bus and cross the Nevada desert to Death Valley. The latter is a ‘ fascinating desert area rich in morphologies and panoramic views. After that, the journey continues along the Sierra slope to Mammoth Lakes. Then stay overnight in a nearby hotel. You can do the same thing by renting a car. The important thing is to respect the Highway Code and current regulations in California.

    Book the flight

    At this point, after deciding the route of the trip, you must book the flight. To facilitate this holiday, I suggest you book your flight in advance, by choosing the most convenient offer and greater discounts. However, you have to pay attention to the suggested formulas. The most interesting ones include the booking, which starts from thirty to ninety days. The other proposals include discounts for each tourist package. Or with a share with reserved seats at a lower price until exhaustion.

    Prepare the documents

    It is very important to prepare the documents. First of all, you need to renew your passport. This is one of the first documents you need to put in your bag along with your entry visa. To these, add the driving license, which must bear the international wording. It is also essential that you take out health insurance, with an adequate ceiling, such as to cover not only the costs of medical care and therapies on the spot. But also the eventual transfer by air to another country or repatriation. Finally, before traveling, write down the useful numbers of the embassy and consulate on your mobile phone.

    Hotel, motel, apartment: Where to sleep in California?

    In California, as in the rest of the United States, you will find accommodations for all budgets. The hotels are generally more expensive than other destinations. In big cities, prices are often prohibitive, but it is easy to find expensive accommodations even in small villages on the coast. Just to give an example: I had a hard time finding a reservation in Santa Barbara, not because there were no seats, but because they all had very, very high prices.

    In my case, it probably affected the fact that I traveled in august! But since this is the condition in which many travels, it could be a common problem for a California vacation. Despite this, you can also find accommodations at lower prices.

    Keep in mind that in San Francisco or Los Angeles, you will hardly find a 3-star hotel for less than $ 100 a night. I often found solutions that were closer to $ 200 a night.

    You go below that figure looking for a lodge or a motel: an accommodation that immediately makes America! How many have we seen in the various films!!! There are several: some are real chains, which you will find almost everywhere. Prices go down if you settle for a two or three-star hotel. Econo lodge or motel 6 are some of the most famous. The quality differs from a hotel, but it is a very popular accommodation that Americans use frequently. In short, it is enough to adapt a little. They are also very convenient on the road because they always have a nice parking lot.

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    Basic Fit Guideline to Measure Bicycle Accurately

    Today I wanted to take a few minutes to walk you through a basic bike fit guideline. This is not at all going to be a super-comprehensive bike fit.

    But it will give you the basic tools to make sure that your current bike, or maybe a bike that you’re looking at does fit you correctly.

    If you’re an avid cyclist, I do recommend investing in a bike fit. So I’m going to quickly get changed and Hop on this dream that we had in for review and give you my basic pointers to make sure that your bike fits you.

    Assistant Help to Measure Size

    So, here we are going through how to measure a bike. Now let’s talk about what you’re going to need before actually fitting the bike. So, the very first thing you’re going to need is a willing friend.

    So, this friend’s going to be the one that actually is looking at you on your bike and making the adjustments, and also you could do it with a mirror.

    It’s difficult and I’ve done it and it’s maybe a lot faster. If you have a friend to be looking at you and making the adjustments on the fly.


    The second thing is the right tools. So most of the tools you need are probably found on a multi-tool. You will want a torque wrench.

    If you are working with carbon and plumb bob, adjust your knee over the pedal spindle, and then finally a measuring tape.

    To measure everything once you’re done personally, I take measurements before I adjust my bike and then after just in case, you know, maybe I got something wrong, maybe my knee starts hurting after that fit adjustments.

    There is I’m going to go back to where I started and use that as a baseline instead of the fit that is bothering my knee or back.

    So, I’m going to put my shoes on and we’re going to get started fitting the bike one that I have in from Jensen USA.

    Basic Adjustment

    There are basically two options for keeping your bike stable enough to do a bike fit. The first and most preferred method is going to be using a bike.

    If you’re a new cyclist and you don’t have a bike trainer today, I’m going to just show you how to lean against a wall.

    This is a reason we have that friend to make the adjustments for us. So we’re not leaning, looking to be over.

    The next thing I do is I’m going to set my seat height within the range of what I think it’s going to be. Do you have a current bike that you’re super comfortable on to measure the size, If not all we are going to do is fine?

    The top of our hip bone and measure it up with the saddle and it should be within range of the same height.

    This will depend if you’re on a road bike or a cyclocross bike, a mountain bike, and what type of shoes you have on, but it’s a good place to get you within, you know, an inch of your preferred size.

    So next step, I’m going to swing a leg over the bike, lean up against the wall, and clipping very carefully. Not to tip away from the wall.

    Seat Height

    So, the first thing we would adjust the seat height. You want a nice bend in your knee, not locked out, not too aggressive.

    So, when your foot is flat at the bottom of the pedal stroke, you just want to make sure you have a nice Trental bed in there. Next up, we’re going to make sure the seat is comfortable for us.

    So, as you can see of wiggling around trying to find that soft spot, and once I find that I’m going to glue my button to place and find the little knot under, by neat and make sure it’s over my pedal and spindle this.

    just ensures that the power is being directed straight down to the pedal spindle. And I’m not going to have any knee pain next.

    I’m going to look at the angle of my hips, make sure that my hips aren’t too closed off or that my back is it too rounded, meaning that I’m not comfortable in the seat or the bike is in the right length right now.

    Another sign the bike doesn’t fit you and you said that if you’re stretching at your shoulders or back for the handler and an ideal road, the bike position might actually look like this.

    If your back is nice and flat and feels more comfortable and if your shoulders aren’t stretching, you’re your elbows are nice and relaxed and I’m not in any sort of way.

    So that was a super quick walk-through of what I look for in a very basic bike fit. If you have any flexibility issues if you have any knee pain lower back shoulder.


    If you cycle any distance, especially Clifton, go find your local bike shop.  You need to find a local bike fit specialist. If you have any questions, if I missed anything, please throw your comments below.

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    XC Hardtail Vs XC Full Suspension Bike Which One Is Best

    It’s all about bicycles what we love and what is best but we never know what bikes are best for us. I think we are on the original epic machine and won a cross-country hardtail or full suspension.

    You know hardtail or Full Suspension they are epic machines and really fancy. We are going to try and find out, which is the best epic machine out there.

    Trail Performance Test

    We’ve planned a 40-kilometer bike south Wales and thanks to national resources.

    The route takes in over a thousand meters of climbing on the classic trail center with some mixed, challenging terrain as ever.

    You can check out our rapid ride on our commute page and even try the ride yourself and there is you have a full guideline of hardtail vs full suspension.

    But first, let’s take a look at the bikes for the day. The boy home ride in is a Merida big nine acts T a proper cross-country hardtail full carbon frame and carbon seat post as well.

    These a hardtail fork up front 29 and of course and it’s got proper cross-country angles on this bike. A 70-degree head has an angle of 73 and a half seat angle, and the reach is four to one millimeter from.

    It’s got full suspension Shimano XT groupsets and It’s fast and agile, it is also very lightweight just 10.3 kilograms perfect for napping rides and it costs 2,700 euros to beat that rich.

    Those are some pretty impressive numbers for an ECC rig like that. But as you can see and almost something a little bit different.

    I’m on a fully XT a quit Merida 96 R CXT obviously a big noticeable difference at a hundred-mile traveler. But I’ve got a hundred mil dropper to boot as well numbers.

    This is 11.55 kilograms and it’s going to set you back about 4,600 euros. This is surely got to be the bike for an epic ride and XC racing to boot.

    It can do it all and you’re going to be doing it comfortably fast bike riding, and efficiently as well and we’ll just have to find out although we are running with different types of hardtails and full-suspension bikes.

    Now, although that one by one you can get a front Mac for these still but with that massive speed range out the back.

    Combined with the hyper glide chain the real smooth shifting, even under pressure and there shouldn’t be much.

    We can’t get up or down on today’s ride clear to see them with a hardtail the lower manufacturing costs and fewer moving parts.

    I mean you’ll always get a lighter bike and despite them both having the same group set, the hardtail will cost less too, in this case, 1,900 euros cheaper plus over a kilo load.

    I knew we’re out on our epic and I’m going to throw in a little challenge for us here and you can see it. I’ve stopped us at the base of this little climb and it’s quite steep and quite loose.

    It’s going to be a good spot to find out if you’re and it’s our whip and It is going to fly on up this.

    I’ll tell you why it’s incredible and the smooth stuff and somebody switched backs and I forget how lively across some hotel fails with it, but it’s surprisingly rough already.

    Pedal Stroke

    Now there is all about across XC hardtail and XC full suspension pedal store. I know I can hear the tires struggling about ready. So, it’s going to be a test of skills.

    10 points if you make it to the top and it is really cool and just try to find the points and don’t you surge forward at every pedal stroke?

    Mind you that good lighthearted and smashed it up there and see what we got and it’s come on the 12 speeds.

    Full SaaS traction at its finest, smooth straight through the middle that’s really tough. Isn’t it? So, links kind of surprised how well it got that and you were like a little nimble mountain bike.

    You were picking lines quite a lot though. I am losing the rear tire a little bit on some of those specialties like lower down or some of the Stonier opinions.

    You can definitely hear and can use a big old cassette at the back and just sort of plow and almost straight through the middle use that traction of the rear suspension and you’re not walking out and let’s keep it rolling.

    That’s a hard act and land out some precious down this epic and we thought we were just cruising.

    let’s talk about climbing quickly. Now despite the ultra-lightweight of the hardtail, there are some things you can do.

    Take into consideration grit. Finding grit can be tricky when you put the power down as the backend may not stick to the ground as well.

    Also, the line choice, they don’t have the same ability as a full, when it comes to plowing over everything in sight it comes to the sending.

    The hardtail bike requires you to have a little more and It’s a thing that can get a little bit looser and you should concentrate on finding traction and picking those smoother lines.


    This is where the full PSAs come into their own and you don’t need to be quite as careful as it allows you to ride more freely using the large 29 a wheel to smooth out the trail in turn making you faster and giving you more confidence.

    I’ve been singing the praises of hardtail quite a lot recently and actually to be fair and It’s not just me. They still get raced. I actually really enjoy it and It’s such a fast bike and when you’re pushing it on.

    I was going to say like less care you have to give when going uphill, but because of the actual traction, you can just motor on straight through your full suspension bike.

    Hardtail might become a bit tiring and a bit and you know when you have to just get up outside a little bit, but it’s still there are people that ride them, like did the tour divide on a hardtail or full suspension?

    So, the rollover negates a lot of little bumps anyway and I know you can fit two ball cases on these manufacturers especially, I’ve worked really hard to do that If we’re talking proper rapid rise adventure riding.

    I’ve just got lots of space for a bike packing kit, especially we were running the big one on the back. It gets hard on a full suspension, but you can do it does.


    So, I think there’s something pure about hearts out and I’ve just really enjoyed it and It’s just been a fun day all around it.

    Thank you very much for reading our web blog don’t forget to share the post and if you want to know more you can visit OutdoorXsports for more information.

    5 islands of Cartagena that will leave you speechless

    With its rich culture and powerful tourism industry, Cartagena de Indias is one of the most spectacular destinations in Colombia. Although most people spend their time in the continental part of the area, you can access countless beautiful islands full of nature, adventure, and peace from Cartagena. All the islands of Cartagena that we present below can be accessed by boats that leave from the city, they do not take more than 2 hours to arrive. They offer the possibility of spending the night in various accommodations or returning to the city at the end of the day.

    5 islands of Cartagena

    Here are the 5 islands of Cartagena that will make you amazed.

    Big Island

    The largest of the Rosario Islands, Isla Grande, is everything you could expect from a Caribbean paradise: turquoise waters, white sands, and less tumult than other nearby locations. The Big Island is also an extraordinary refuge of nature since, in its 200 hectares, there are three characteristic ecosystems of the islands: tropical dry forest, mangroves, and coastal and inland lagoons.

    Apart from enjoying a perfect rest on the beach, trekking trails on the island allow you to connect with the natural world. Another of the most recommended activities that you can do on Isla Grande is to sail in small boats that go through the mangrove tunnels of the island. This unique ecosystem is very common, and exploring it by boat is an experience that you must live.

    Pirate island

    Tourists rest in front of the beach in Cartagena IslandsThe smallest of the Rosario Islands, the Pirate Island has only 7,500 m2 and is known for its higher level of exclusivity compared to the rest of the Rosario Islands. If it is not difficult for you to spend a little more to enjoy nature without any distractions, in quiet, then this is your place.

    Apart from its beaches, Isla del Pirata is a perfect place for diving, thanks to the fact that a barrier of beautiful reefs protects it.

    Fort Island

    The famous walking tree is a specimen of the Moraceae family of the genus Ficus. The tree spreads its roots throughout the forest, creating a feeling that it moves through the years.

    One of the few Caribbean islands that still retain a high level of authenticity, Isla Fuerte can be covered in 6 or 7 hours by walking while you observe how the locals live. Its extensive vegetation of tropical dry forest and mangroves are home to more than 80 species of birds. There are some particularly famous trees on the Isla Fuerte, such as the ancient Walking Tree and the Bonga tree. You can meet both in tourist circuits that are offered on the island. You can also rent a mountain bike and enjoy the same circuits pedaling.

    Mucura Island

    Islands of Cartagena in photography captured from the airLike Isla Fuerte, Isla Múcura also remains in contact with the local culture. Its environment is a Caribbean dream that welcomes the traveler with its white sands and warm waters. It belongs to the San Bernardo Archipelago, and one of its most recommended activities is snorkeling in the living coral of Bajo Chara, the spectacular sunken islands Maravilla and Panda. You can also swim through the intricate channels of the Tintipán mangrove, where you can see its amazing red roots.

    Barú Island

    Barú Island is one of the most popular Caribbean escapes from Cartagena, and in 2014 a highway was built that allowed Barú to connect with the mainland. Its most visited attraction is Playa Blanca, which offers a combination of turquoise waters and clear sand worthy of the best Caribbean postcards. In Barú, you will find bars, restaurants, and hotels of all ranges so that you can extend your stay.

    However, few know that the waters surrounding Playa Blanca become a true spectacle of nature at nightfall. The show’s protagonists are the luminous plankton, microorganisms that drift from the sea and flashlight when they move. The color is an intense phosphorescent blue that you can detonate every time you move your body in the water or the paddles of a kayak.

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    13 tips to travel smart

    Traveling smart is optimizing time, money, and comfort. Get the most out of the visit and the experience. Traveling intelligently to optimize time and money. Get the most out of the visit and the experience.

    These are my 13 tips to travel smart

    1.Travel in low season

    When work permits, it is best to travel out of the holiday season. The prices are more accessible and there are much fewer people. Eye! Not all destinations have the same seasons. Spring and fall are great times in most destinations.

    2.The hotel to your measure

    You don’t always have to look for the cheapest. You have to know how to spend money and take advantage of it. The hotel is perhaps the most important decision is a trip. If you visit a city make sure it has a good location and preferably has breakfast and  WiFi included. If you visit a beach or rest destination, it is worth investing in a hotel that has good quality facilities, beaches, and good services.

    3. Go Local

    Leaning towards local products is an extremely smart decision as well as an ecological one. Transporting products from other countries or localities always pollutes and the price will be paid at the end by the visitor.

    Discovering local wines or dishes from the region is part of the traveling experience. Forget the chains and visit the local coffee shop and classic restaurants at each site.

    4. Travel light

    Carrying a backpack or industrial size suitcase is never recommended. In addition to how heavy it can be, there are many factors to take into account.

    • Weight allowed by the airline.
    • If you travel in a group, those suitcases will have to be accommodated in the car and many times they will end up paying another taxi to carry only the suitcases.
    • If you go en route, it is impractical to carry large luggage.

    5. Use WiFi

    Many people ask me about the data packets of the telephone companies. I have used them and they are usually useful if you need to be connected to the internet all the time, but they seem very expensive. For me the best option is  WiFi. In many countries, free WiFi is very common in hotels, restaurants, and even parks. The WiFi finder app can help you find open networks to connect to and share your trips on social media.

    6. Do your homework

    Planning is the best way to save money and time on a trip. The more you know your destination before stepping on it, the more you will enjoy the experience. Look for many hotel options, decide before you arrive the places you want to visit, and always have a plan B in case things do not happen as you planned.

    7. Treat yourself

    At least one night during your trip, treat yourself and visit a good restaurant. Get ready, book, and enjoy. Find places that offer a unique culinary experience and let yourself go. The flavors are also a journey.

    8. Souvenirs

    I have told you before about my opinion regarding souvenirs. My advice is to get away from the typical “Made in China” souvenir and look for something more original and special. Some local designers offering clothes you won’t find anywhere else. Crafts made in front of your eyes. The possibilities are many but generally not at first glance.

    9. Fewer countries more cities

    Although I know that not everyone has the opportunity to travel constantly. I strongly recommend not visiting more than two countries in one trip. Doing those tours where you visit 6 countries in two weeks seems like an outrage to me where you don’t know anything and you only see everything happen.

    My recommendation is to focus preferably on a single country as far as possible. Soak up its culture, visit various cities and look for little-known corners. See everything calmly and enjoy.

    10. Don’t look for the famous, look for what you like

    It is difficult to resist the photo in the most famous places in the cities. Visit well-known museums or the squares that the books talk about. But actually traveling is a personal experience and has to do with taste.

    If you love food, focus on looking for unique and recommended restaurants. If you love art, dedicate more time to a museum that you like or sign up for a temporary workshop. Don’t be afraid to get off the traditional tourist trail and look for something that is special to you.

    11. Use coupons and discounts

    Many attractions, restaurants, and even hotels have promotions and discounts. Use them in case they are useful to you. Most museums offer free admission one day a month and all have special discounts for students, senior citizens, etc. Visit the websites of the places you want to visit and find out.

    12. Take advantage of loyalty programs

    If you are a frequent traveler and accumulate miles or points in hotels, do not hesitate to use them. They generally expire and it is good to take advantage of them. Make the most of loyalty programs by informing yourself about all the options you have and have it as an option when looking for a hotel or flight.

    13. Be responsible

    The most important thing I think is to be responsible when traveling. The biggest difference between a  traveler and a  tourist is that the former is usually generous and the latter selfish. I explain. The tourist is generally not very aware of the impact that his presence has in the places and tries to do everything at home. In total, he spends a few days or a few hours in the city and he does not know if he will ever return in his life, so what does it matter if he does not behave up to the task. The traveler, on the other hand, is more respectful and wants his presence to be helpful.

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    How to Clean Your BMX Hub Easy Guideline

    Here’s a little knowledge for all you beginners out there before you read this article before you even get yourself intrigued into this article.

    I should also mention that this is not for your brand-new hubs. One of the most common things to do for a lot of beginners is right.

    What to Avoid

    When they buy a new BMX bike, they try keeping the bike spec and span and really. Just like if you were to get a brand-new car, you want to keep that car as clean as you can, until you really don’t care about it. That much anymore. The same thing goes with bikes. A lot of people buy brand new adult BMX bike and they try keeping them as clean as they can.

    But you know, it gets. Sturdy over time and with this, a lot of beginners tried to clean the inside of their hubs, not knowing what to do, not knowing how to fix it and the not only thing to say is don’t fix it if it’s not broken.

    Fix the Hubs

    Yeah. I know this. Isn’t fixing your hubs, but a lot of hubs get broken because they’re dirty and this is how to prevent that. So, if you have a brand-new BMX bike, don’t, don’t even just check this article.

    Now we’re going to take off what is called the cone washer, the lock nut that keeps your whole entire hub, and place this little nut right here that keeps the whole driver together.

    So, some tools you may want to consider are an Allen key set and something just to basically get the lock nuts off.

    We’re gonna after you have that done, usually, your driver just pops right out just like this. So, unfortunately, this whole entire hub broke, got tons of new hub parts to fix it. Hopefully, it all fits because they don’t really sell this anymore.

    You have to have all those out and all the Paul’s or Springs are out. You can really see like these, these are pretty damaged Springs right here. These, these are not good.

    These are the Springs you don’t want. You guys really want to do and concentrate on is just getting all this excess dirt.

    Take the grease off your hub and you know that deal grease gets dirty. So on. I’ll just pretty much take off all that excess grease.

    That’s just ruining your hub and from there, what you can use, but don’t be afraid to use it as Windex.

    What you don’t want to do is use Windex on this side where you see a bearing. Do not get any Windex, water, anything in this bearing because it will potentially break it.

    So stick on the part where it has the Pauls and Springs attached to it. Now with this, I’m not going to get into all that. I’m just going to show you guys to really quickly wipe it down.

    Then after that various assorted items and take some multi-duty, complex, high-temperature grease, pop it open, take a little bit, not allowed because this can really damage your hub.


    Now, the reason why we are doing high-temperature grease is that as you guys can see with these Pauls and Springs, they kind of got chipped down.

    It’s not looking so pretty for them and they’re kind of at an angle that’s because there was so much friction and there are so old to the point where the metal actually melted or gap friction away.

    So we are going to take high-temperature grease and so that does not happen again grease it up and boom from there you got a perfectly good, amazing lush, and awesome moist driver.

    Now we are going to pretty much take out all these new parts because of dance comms. So kindly individually put every single Paul and spring in a bag.

    The next step is to put all these Pauls and Springs back after we clean the hub. Now, a lot of people will be tempted to bend over the Springs a little bit more to make the hub louder, but we’re not going to do that because it can potentially damage your hub after like 30 years.

    We’re not going to do that anyway. So, after further inspection of your driver, you figure out everything’s fine and everything’s good.

    There’s no access there and all the pauses’ Springs seem to be somewhat the same springiness. The next thing you want to do is you will want to go over to your hub. Look at your hub shell, and look inside your hub cell.

    This is a ratchet rang. I had to get a replacement one, but for most people, it’s integrated. So with this, what you want to do is just make sure there’s no access grease inside the hub.

    As I could see right now, there is a little bit of dirt, a little bit of excess grease that doesn’t really need to be there that we could regress.

    So what you’ll do is you’ll take the actual hub shell. And you’ll just wipe it off. Usually, people use Windex, water, anything that will work.

    But for the most part, you just want to make it look brand spanking new. So long story short, if you suspect that one of your bearings is broken.

    If you were sitting here messing with your hub and you kind of feel a little crunch, you feel a little something, something not good in the hub.

    What you will want to do is take your hub. And just throw it out in the trash because you’re screwed now. That’s what the BMX companies want you to think to do so you can buy a new hub.

    In most cases. That’s not true to be completely honest with you guys.

    When I was actually researching the parts to get this hub, I found out almost everything that I needed to fix this hub was discussed, continued, and or broken or not sold anymore.

    Seriousness guys. Just make sure everything’s good. And with that, stay tuned for the next article where I actually lace up this very hub to a G sport roll cage.


    if you guys are new and you guys don’t know what I’m talking about, I usually throw some parts on my website usually every week.

    Thank you, guys, for watching this article and want to know more about check OutdoorXsports share it with your friends.

    10 things to see and do in Los Angeles

    Are you looking for information for your next trip to Los Angeles? The most interesting places to visit on your next trip to the city? I bring you a piece of a list of 10 things to see and do in Los Angeles in 4 days.

    Actually, I’m going to tell you  10 things I want to do in Los Angeles because even though I haven’t told you yet on the blog,  my next long trip is a reality.

    If I go. I’m going on a trip again. On September 15, I start my next long trip. On the 15th I will take from Madrid, with my friend Marina, a flight that will take us to Los Angeles, from where we will travel to San Francisco to look for life for a couple of months in Northern California.

    Just a week after leaving for my next long trip, a mixture of emotions invade me, and that the little time and the many things I have to do, most of the time they do not allow them to pass.

    But the thing is that a few days ago I started looking at the calendar. I tried to accommodate in the few days that I have left all the things I wanted to do. Trying to make them fit.

    The end of the Bilbao festivities, the reunion with some friends, spending a few days in Asturias to be with my parents, with my brother, with Asturian friends. Take the computer plug to fix, make the posters for the bar, work yet another weekend, travel to Paris for another weekend with Alba Luna, visit the Decathlon to buy what I lack, go with Chusina to the Wine tasting that he gave me for my birthday… And yes, I’m stopping, even I’m getting overwhelmed. But it is the burden that comes to me when I think about that list and at the same time I look at the calendar, I try to fit everything together, I count the days.

    I’ve already crossed off some of the things, but some still add up, like this list of things to do in Los Angeles. 7 days. There are 7 days left for my next adventure. To grab the backpack, to catch a plane, two planes, three planes. Cross the ocean, get to the United States, speak English. Change money at the airport, find a way to get to the city, a place to sleep, and a way to travel.

    And as if that weren’t enough, 7 days after traveling to California, tomorrow I’m going to Paris. Yes, tomorrow I am traveling to Paris with Alba Luna thanks to Chapka. Four days in the city of love before packing my suitcase again, picking up the room, saying goodbye to my family and friends, and leaving for Madrid to catch the plane that takes me to Los Angeles.

    10 things to do in Los Angeles that I don’t want to miss:

    The life of a traveler returns and parts of me with it. So I’ve already started planning the trip and, since I’m dying to get there, I’ve started researching and I’ve made a list of 10 things to see and do in Los Angeles.

    1. Hollywood and the walk of fame:

    Yes, it might be one of those hot topics, but doesn’t the photo show off with your favorite movie star? I think one of the things I would like to do in Los Angeles is going to  Hollywood Boulevard just to get my picture with the Charles Chaplin star, Jimi Hendrix, Willy Smith, the Simpsons or, why not, the Winnie the Pooh star, which I just found out he also has.

    I have seen that in the mornings, from 12 to 15th is when it is most crowded, so I think it is a good afternoon plan.

    For the morning, a good plan that I would like to make in Hollywood would be to climb as high as possible towards the mythical poster that appears in many of the films. Trekking to fame: P Sure is a good post.

    You can also take the opportunity to visit the TCL Chinese Theater, one of the city’s historical landmarks where many artists have left their mark.

    1. Downtown Los Angeles.

    Another point that I would like to visit is the nerve center of the city, to see the great skyscrapers of Los Angeles and feel like an ant in a giant maelstrom. Also, another of the things to do in Los Angeles that I want to do is visit, even from the outside, the  Walt Disney Concert Hall, by the architect Frank Gehry, the same one who designed the Guggenheim museum in Bilbao, my city, already that both buildings, although different, are similar.

    1. The MOCA: what if or if I have to do in Los Angeles.

    When I go to a city, I like to visit its main art museums. My favorites are those of contemporary art because they allow me to read in the works the state or the thought of a city in its current moment, but sometimes I like to walk through those of classical art or modern art.

    That’s why I’ve already put the Moca, Los Angeles museum of contemporary art, on my list. It is not every day that you have the opportunity to see Pollock or Fran Stella live. It has three venues in the city, one near the Walt Disney Concert Hall, so possibly I’ll stop there.

    1. Venice Beach:

    Venice is one of the many districts of Los Angeles and perhaps one of the most bohemian, it is a lively, vibrant and eclectic area and for the most part, unlike the rest of Los Angeles, pedestrian.  It is the American Venice, with canals surrounded by nature. In it is the area known as Venice Beach, which includes the beach, the beach known as Muscle Beach, and the Venice Beach boardwalk.

    Apparently, the walk is colorful and picturesque. A good place to see murals, street artists, skaters, people of all kinds, and, above all, the atmosphere on the street.

    From Venice, you can walk or bike to Santa Monica along the promenade known as Ocean Drive.  From what I have read out there it is like a half-hour walk.

    1. The beaches of Santa Monica. Wouldn’t you like to walk through them?

    Another thing to do in Los Angeles that I feel like, knowing my love for the sea, is visiting the coast. There are many beaches to see, but some that I fancy are those of Santa Monica, which became world-famous for the series The Baywatch ( Bay Wach), which I watched as a child every morning on my weekends.

    In addition, in Santa Monica, there is the famous pier and its fairground attractions. I don’t know why, but I love the fairground rides by the water. They give to play a lot at the photo level so I don’t want to miss them.

    1. Universal Studios:

    I don’t know how much time we are going to spend in the city or if we are going to have time to visit all the places on this list, but one of the things I would like to do in Los Angeles is visiting Universal Studios, an amusement park dedicated exclusively to some of the most famous series and movies, like The Simpsons.

    The truth is that my inner child starts jumping and says I want to when I think about seeing a lot of minions or walking through one of the streets of the Simpsons.

    1. Griffith Observatory:

    Another of the things to do in Los Angeles that I have put on my list is to go up to the Griffith Observatory, from where you can enjoy wide views of the city and take impressive panoramic views of the day and light to accompany.

    Climbing to the top of the observatory, located in Griffith Park, the largest urban park in the United States,  13 km north of the city, is a good way to get an idea of ​​the size of the city while enjoying it from the heights.

    Also in Griffith Park, you can do a lot of activities and it is a good place for hiking and trekking at different levels.

    1. Los Angeles Chinatown:

    Today’s Chinatown is now located in the historic part of Los Angeles, where some of the first streets in the city were built. For this reason, the houses of Chinese architecture are mixed with some other Mexican and even some of the Italian style, since the neighborhood came to absorb what was known as Little Italy.

    1. Olvera Street:

    This street, considered the oldest in Los Angeles, was absorbed by Chinatown and is considered the street where the city was born, its cradle, its oldest part, more linked to its Mexican and Spanish origins. It was the settlement of the first 11 Spanish families that settled in Los Angeles.

    It should not survive long, since the area has been very absorbed, but you can visit the oldest church in the city, Nuestra Señora Reina de Los Angeles, or the Avila Adobe house, considered the first ranch built in the city, converted into a visitor’s house.

    1. Farmers Market:

    The Farmers Market is a food market that opened its doors in 1934. In it, you can find the freshest products and taste the gastronomy and the most representative raw materials of the city, such as butter, meats, cheeses gourmet or hot donuts, along with the new flavors that have been introduced in the city, such as sushi or Mexican food.

    You may also like to read: What are the 10 highest mountains in Europe? 

    What are the 10 highest mountains in Europe? 

    The European mountains are among the most beautiful in the world. But what are the ten highest mountains in Europe? Where are the highest mountains found? Are the peaks that challenge Everest on this side of the world alpine? And what do we know about the Urals or the great French Massif Central? Let’s go to the discovery of the ten highest mountains of our Old Continent. They do not have record numbers but are decorated with unique landscapes, so particular that today it is called “alpine landscape” to describe every kind of mountain panorama in the world. And our Alps, in fact, are among the most beautiful and varied mountain ranges in the world.

    Mount Elbrus, Caucasus Mountains

    With its 5,642 meters, Mount Elbrus is certainly the highest mountain in Europe ever. The problem with his record is that the Caucasus mountain range has not yet been perfectly defined in its geography. It is not known whether it belongs more to Europe or Asia, although it is included in the Russian national territory. This means that the record of this mountain is constantly contested in favor of that of our Mont Blanc. The latest studies, however, certainly declare him European and therefore the winner of the continent’s height record.

    Mount Dykh-Tau, Caucasus Range

    Due to the same problem indicated above, this too – like all roller coasters in the Caucasus – have records that are not always validated. At the moment, however, it is stated that this mountain range falls within Europe, and Mount Dykh-Tau, with its 5,205 meters, is the second-highest mountain.

    Mount Shkhara, Caucasus Range

    The third podium is once again up to a Caucasian mountain: the Shkhara, 5,193 meters high, is considered the “gateway” to Europe, which is the exact border between our continent and the Asian one. The nation this mountain refers to is Georgia.

    Mont Blanc, Alps

    Divided between France and Italy, “our” Mont Blanc with its 4,810 meters contends the European primacy to the Russian mountains. It is certainly one of the highest mountains in Europe and one of the most beautiful, for views and rock formations, ever.

    Monte Rosa, Alps

    Monte Rosa follows closely, with 4,634 meters. Divided equally between Switzerland and Italy, the “fourth place” however belongs to our neighbors since the summit that exceeds 4,000 meters falls within Swiss territory.

    Monte Dom, Swiss Alps

    With 4,545 meters, Mount Dom in the Swiss Alps is the third peak of the entire chain and one of the most fascinating mountains in the confederation.

    Grossglockner mountain, Austrian Alps

    A splendid ski destination among the many Austrians, this mountain of 3,798 meters is rightly among the ten highest peaks in Europe.

    Mount Mulhacen, Sierra Nevada

    The Spanish Sierra Nevada is the third-highest chain in Europe. And this Mulhacen mountain is the main peak with its undisputed 3,480 meters.

    Pico de Aneto, Pyrenees

    The highest peak in the Pyrenees range is 3,404 meters high. The territory of the summit falls within the national territory of Spain, although the Pyrenees are divided between this country and France.

    Etna volcano, Italy

    Etna, 3,323 meters, is a volcano and therefore its top is constantly evolving. It far exceeds 3000 meters, however, and this makes it the tenth highest mountain in Europe. It is located in the eastern part of the island of Sicily.

    Best beaches in Peru

    With 3080 km of coastline, choosing only 10 beaches in Peru has been an unfair task in front of its gigantic, beautiful, and diverse coastline. But each of the beaches that we present below (ordered from north to south) has characteristics that make them unique and that we are sure will motivate more than one to take a dip in its waters.

    1. Punta Sal

    Punta Sal is one of those beaches that nature itself is responsible for protecting. The surrounding chain of hills protects it from the wind and the arid climate keeps it without rain and with an eternal radiant sun. Its 6.5km length is caressed by warm and calm waters that contrast wonderfully with the green carob trees and grasslands. A paradisiacal beach wherever you look at it.

    How to get there: The main access road to Punta Sal is by a paved detour at Km 1187 of the North Pan-American Highway. Here are a stop and a welcome arch with the name: “Punta Sal tourist resort.”

    2. Máncora

    Surf all day, eat the freshest ceviche in the area, and enjoy clear skies all year round. Máncora is a beach paradise and one of the best-known beaches in northern Peru. In Máncora, everything is a celebration, and it shows in its vibrant nightlife that does not rest until dawn. Máncora welcomes every traveler with its rolling waves and fun in mind, from the most exclusive resorts to hostels for inveterate backpackers. Just 4 km south of Máncora is Las Pocitas beach, known to locals as Máncora Chico, a perfect place to watch the sunset in the natural pools that form between the rocks.

    How to get there: Máncora is located approximately 187 kilometers north of Piura, which is located at km 1035 of the Panamericana Norte. Various bus companies arrive in Máncora from Lima, Tumbes, Piura, Guayaquil (Ecuador), and other cities in Peru and taxis or other transports from airports near Máncora.

    3. Tuquillo Beach

    The Tuquillo spa is located 7 kilometers north of Huarmey, following the Panamericana Norte route. This beach is known for its calm waters of intense blue and fine sand. It also has islets just fifty meters from the shore that are natural habitats for guano birds, such as the booby or the guanay. The resort also has 3 other beaches to the south of Tuquillo, Maracaná, Antivito and La Posita. The latter is perfect for the little ones.

    How to get there: To get to Huarmey you have to go along the Panamericana Norte until kilometer 310. The trip takes just over 5 and a half hours from Lima.

    4. Caballeros Beach

    Located in Punta Hermosa’s district, in Lima, Playa Caballeros has excellent waves (7 meters high on average) that make it a spectacular destination for surfing tournaments nationally and internationally. But the boards are not the only ones that dominate its waters, as the spa is perfect for those who like fishing. Its fertile sea allows fishing for marine species such as cheetah.

    How to get there: To get to Caballeros from Lima, you must travel by vehicle along the Panamericana Sur until you reach kilometer 35. Then, you continue a journey of another three kilometers until you reach the spa.

    5.Beach Ambassadors

    Part of the Santa María del Mar district, Embajadores beach is the icing on the cake of one of the most beautiful and modern spas in Peru. It is characterized by being small, with fine sand, and in the shape of a half-moon. The spa is presented as a quiet territory, and around it, there are various residences and apartments for rent that ensure a replenishing family vacation.

    How to get there: To get to this beach from Lima, you must go to kilometer 52 of the Panamericana Sur, from where you take a four-kilometer detour to the coast.

    6. Wakama

    Wakama is the first natural refuge on the Peruvian coast, a hidden beach located just under two hours south of Lima. As seen in the photo, sandhills separate it from the bustling outside world. In Wakama there is an interesting ecotourism development project: cabins for rent facing the sea with all the comforts and in the purest natural style. This is why Wakama is a perfect place to disconnect, ideal for people looking for that tranquility they lost in the city.

    How to get there: Getting to Wakama is easy. The beach entrance is located at km 179 of the Panamericana Sur, at the end of the descent to Jahuay beach.

    7. La Mina Beach

    A mandatory point of the Paracas National Reserve in Ica, La Mina beach is shaped like a horseshoe. The surrounding hills protect it from the intense wind that blows throughout the Paracas area. The sector is a treasure of clean, crystalline, calm waters, emerald color, and white sands. It is also home to wolves, penguins, birds, and an immense variety of marine fauna. In the beach’s surroundings, you can see cavities that were formerly coal mines, hence its name.

    How to get there: From Lima, La Mina beach is located at kilometer 250 of the Panamericana Sur highway, in the province of Paracas, Ica.

    8. Red Beach

    Also located in the Paracas National Reserve, Red Beach is undoubtedly spectacular for its exotic beauty. The beach takes on the reddish color of the igneous rock called pink granodiorite, which contains solidified magma inside. The sea hits the rocks and the waves wash away the reddish rock fragments that accumulate on the shore. The contrast with the yellow and other colors of the cliffs makes it a true work of natural art.

    How to get there: After entering the National Reserve, at km 250 of the Panamericana Sur, you must advance along the main road to the Lagunillas checkpoint.

    9. Inka port

    Puerto Inka enjoys the natural beauty of beautiful cliffs and unique natural rock formations. It is a bay in Arequipa, where the sea is calm and the water transparent. It is so-called because it was one of the most important beaches for the Incas. One of the Inca Trail arms reached here, the same one that reaches the citadel of Machu Picchu, and archaeological remains can still be seen and the old corrals for the llamas.

    How to get there: Puerto Inka is exactly at kilometer 610 of the Panamericana Sur, in the province of Caravelí, in the Arequipa region. Once there, you must follow the detour to the beach. From Lima, it is approximately 9 hours and from Arequipa 5 hours.

    10. Caleta San José

    Due to the little human presence, Caleta San José is an impressive natural refuge. Located in the province of Camaná, boats can only be reached, and there is only one hostel for tourists there. It is a true disconnection sector since no cell phone signal, no landline, or the Internet. From La Caleta, you can navigate, for about 30 minutes, to Isla Hornillos, where you can enjoy one of the largest populations of sea lions in the country. You can also go trekking, kayaking, snorkeling, among other activities.

    How to get there: If you leave from Arequipa, you must go to Quilca, located at kilometer 845 of the Panamericana Sur. From there you can sail by boat for about 2 hours until you reach Caleta San José.

    Do you know other beaches in Peru that we should add to our list? Share your tips with our community of travelers!

    5 Family Vacation Planning Tips

    When it comes to planning a family vacation, there’s a lot that you have to think about, but if you can answer five basic questions before embarking on your trip, then you can definitely determine a lot about what you will get from the trip. The truth is, no matter how much money you spend on a family vacation, if you don’t plan things out well, you could end up spending a lot of money to have a lousy time. If you want to ensure that your trip is well worth the money, you have to know how to prepare.

    The following five family vacation tips are comprised of your answers to the following five questions.

    Is it safe and fun for children?

    If you are planning on traveling anywhere with your kids, the number one thing you want to ask yourself is whether or not it is a safe place to take your kids. There are many places to travel in the world, and many cities have neighborhoods that are perfectly safe, but they also have neighborhoods that are very dangerous. When you decide to reserve a hotel room, be sure you know what neighborhood you’re staying in before you start running your credit card.

    Do you know how to get there and plan lodging at the best possible price?

    If you don’t know the cheapest and most comfortable way to travel to your intended destination, or how to get the best price for lodging, then you definitely need to do your homework. You can use online sites to find the best prices on flights and hotels in several cities worldwide.

    Will your kids like the food?

    When you’re trying to have a fun vacation, one of the last things you want to hear from your kids is that they don’t like the food. If all they do is complain the entire time about how foreign and different the food is, you’re not going to be able to really connect as a family during meal times. Of course, you do want to help them to broaden their horizons, but it’s always a good idea to take them to a restaurant that serves that particular type of food in your hometown before you take them to a place where it’s their only option.

    What will you teach your kids about culture?

    In addition to broadening your children’s culinary horizons, you want to be able to open their eyes to the differences between their own culture and that of the place they are visiting. Whether it is a different country or a different state, there are plenty of variations in culture to note. If your child is having a lot of trouble understanding those differences, you want to be prepared to discuss those differences in a way that is enlightening for your children.

    What will you pack?

    Last but not least, you need to make sure that everyone has all the appropriate clothes, devices, and personal items from home. Whether you need to pack medications, teddy bears, or blankies, you want to make sure that everyone has all the necessities that will keep them comforted while staying in a foreign location. Of course, you don’t want to pack too much, but you want to spend a considerable amount of time creating a list of necessities to pack before you get going.

    How to Find Time and Money to Travel While You’re in College

    Attending college requires a commitment of both time and money. Whether you’re interested in a bachelor’s degree or something more, you’re looking at a minimum of four years in most cases. While you can save some money by starting at the community college level to complete your general education, chances are you’re still going to be out several thousand dollars (or even several hundred thousand, depending on your school and degree program) by the time you’re done.

    Some students get help from their parents to pay for expenses, and many hold part-time or even full-time jobs. Most have to rely on student aid in the form of grants, loans, and scholarships to make their dreams of higher education come true.

    What this all boils down to is that you may not have the time or money to travel in college, even though this is an ideal phase for travel in a young adult’s life because there is no job, mortgage, or family to impede picking up and visiting parts unknown. How can you find the time and money to travel while you’re in college? Here are a few suggestions.

    Study Abroad

    There is no better option for traveling during your time in college than a study abroad program that allows you to see the world while continuing to earn credit toward your degree. There are many benefits to choosing this option.

    If you join a program through your college, chances are you can visit a sister school in another country under the agreement that you’ll simply continue paying the same price as you do for tuition at your school domestically. In other words, you won’t really face any extra expense (although this could depend on whether you’re placed in dorms or with a host family).

    In addition, you won’t have to carve time out of your schedule since your travel will be linked to your ongoing education. It’s a no-lose scenario in which your finances and time spent on education remain virtually the same while you gain the opportunity to explore another country.

    Take Online Classes

    When you elect to earn your MBA degree online, you can study and participate in your program from virtually anywhere. Online courses also offer flexible scheduling that allows students to work and save money for travel. Plus, some programs are less expensive than attending traditional classes on campus. All in all, this could be a great way to save some time and money in order to travel in college.

    Take a Year Off

    This isn’t a popular choice for students attending Boston College, Columbia, UCLA, or any other school, for obvious reasons. Taking time off can derail your progress in a number of ways, not the least of which is that your student loan payments will come due the minute you leave school.

    Of course, you can always defer, but without student loans coming in to pay your living expenses you’ll have to work if you want to earn some money to travel. Still, where there’s a will, there’s away. You could spend a year working and living like a hermit to save enough money to travel for, say, six months if you live very frugally.

    It’s obviously not the ideal solution for anyone attempting to earn a degree, but if you’ve got the travel bug, taking some time off from school will at least free up your schedule. From there you can figure out how to earn the money to fund your expedition before you return to school.

    The 6 most impressive places in the world to visit in 2020

    Therefore, today we bring you a list of those most impressive places in the world, which are not very common, and this was the list that came out, we hope you keep it in mind to plan your trips in 2020.


    most impressive places

    Little is heard of this small European country in the Mediterranean archipelago. It is the favorite destination for beach lovers thanks to its beautiful turquoise waters. Without a doubt, one of the places to visit in the world in 2020.

    What to do in Malta?

    In Malta, you can go from relaxing on its beaches to getting your adrenaline pumping climbing its cliffs. Here are some ideas to visit Malta:

    Visit the Hal Saflieni Hypogeum

    An impressive underground prehistoric temple, when you enter you feel the energy of the place, thousands of years of history and mystery … Buuuu!

    Climb cliffs in Ta’Cenc

    For all those who have always wanted to climb over the sea and in Gozo, one of the islands that make up the Maltese archipelago, you can make it happen because it has more than 100 meters of cliffs on its coasts to climb, like Ta ‘ Cenc, with spectacular views.

    Walk the streets of Valletta

    It is the capital, a fortification built by the crusaders. Walking through its streets is a true journey back in time for its architecture and monuments that are simply spectacular.

    Marsaxlokk, a cute but unpronounceable town

    In the port of this town, you can admire the luzzu, colorful typical Maltese boats. They wear the eye of Osiris, the boatmen claim that it drives away evil spirits.

    A dip in St Peter’s Pool

    It is a natural pool formed between the rocks, it is very close to the sea and you can jump from there. It is a bit high but it is worth it to experience the adrenaline.


    most impressive places

    A country with a unique mix of cultures that makes it one of the most beautiful places in the world to visit. Istanbul, its capital, has all the ingredients to be a worthy representative of this pearl of Western Asia.

    What can you do in Turkey?

    Perfect for a unique honeymoon and marvel at the many natural treasures that this country has to discover. In addition to very active and culturally rich cities with their mosques. Here are some ideas for visiting Turkey :

    The Blue Mosque in Istanbul

    It is an imposing representation of Turkish architecture. It is called blue because inside it has millions of tiles made by hand.


    It is located in the center of the country and is an impressive area with rock formations called fairy chimneys, Sandra says that as soon as she saw them she felt like seeing a lunar landscape.

    The beaches of Antalya

    Crystal clear blue waters of the Mediterranean in southeastern Turkey. What you will love the most are these waterfalls that fall over the sea and are called Düden, beautiful!


    most impressive places

    As if time has stopped, that is the feeling when visiting Morocco. Narrow alleys, locals in traditional costumes, picturesque markets. You can make a stopover in Madrid and from there take a flight to Tangier, across the border between Spain and Morocco.

    What can you do in Morocco?

    This country due to its proximity to Europe has a very particular mix in its culture, architecture, and traditions. These are some ideas for your visit to Morocco:

    Hercules Cave and Cape Spartel in Tangier

    Take a flight to Madrid and from there travel to Tánge, the Moroccan port closest to the Spanish border. There he visits the Cave of Hercules in which curiously you can see the silhouette of the map of Africa upside down at its entrance. Another very interesting place to visit is Cape Spartel where the Atlantic Ocean hugs the Mediterranean Sea.

    Chefchaouen, the blue pearl

    This is another very nice city. and the reason why they call it the blue pearl is that its streets and houses are painted blue; In addition to looking dreamy, it serves to scare off mosquitoes, how curious!

    This city is anchored in the mountains, making it a magnificent viewpoint and one of the most beautiful places in the world to visit. Morocco is a Muslim country and the call to prayer at various times of the day reverberates particularly in every corner of this beautiful Moroccan city.


    It is a bustling city where you have to venture into its streets to see its palaces, haggle in its markets, photograph its gardens, mosques, and medersas (universities). It is frowned upon not to enter the game of negotiating the price of goods, it is their culture.

    Sahara desert 

    This may be part of the tour that you like the most. The experience of sleeping in jaimas (traditional tents) in the middle of the desert, being transported in dromedaries through the dumas, tasting the seasoning of the stews prepared in a tagine, and listening to the music of the Berber nomads is something sublime.


    most impressive places

    The animated movie came to mind, right? If adventure is your thing, you cannot miss a journey to this country, which has been isolated from the rest of the world for so long. Its ecosystem has evolved in a unique way and it has exciting activities to offer.

    What can you do in Madagascar?

    It is not a place for any type of tourist, because between parks and nature reserves there are many situations that are far from a resort vacation. These are some ideas for your visit to Madagascar:

    Grand Tsingy de Bemaraha

    In this natural reserve known for its pointed rock formations, you can tour its caves and climb its cliffs, a real adventure for a climber. Don’t miss the opportunity to photograph Decken’s sifaka, one of the most adorable lemurs.

    Tsiribihina River crossing

    This seven-day tour starts in Antsirabe and ends in Morondava, a quiet coastal town in western Madagascar. It is a journey in a small boat or canoe, camping on the river bank and contemplating the fauna and flora of the place.

    Hug, if you can, a Baobabs

    In Morondava you must see and experience the magnitude of perhaps the most giant trees in the world. With a length of 30 meters high, they are a unique species of Madagascar. There are Baobabs as old as 800 years old, amazing!

    Costa Rica

    most impressive places

    This is a must-visit destination for those who champion sustainable destinations. a country rich in biodiversity, sloths clinging to trees, ultra-poisonous red-eyed frogs, and whale watching in the Pacific.

    What can you do in Costa Rica?

    The locals understand very well the importance of preserving the natural reserve that is their country. In all the activities carried out there, harmony with the ecosystem is promoted. These are some activities that you can do on your trip:

    Hike through volcanoes

    Take a walk along the route that connects two volcanoes: the Irazú with the Turrialba. It is an approximate journey of 11 km. You get to the foot of the Turrialba volcano where you can see a beautiful sunset.

    A glimpse of nature by zip line

    Zipline or canopy, however, you know it, it is about taking an aerial tour through a cable suspended over the Costa Rican jungle, without a doubt it is for the brave. We recommend doing it in the Puerto Viejo area, next to the jungles that flow into the Caribbean Sea.

    See the Rio Celeste

    Although it is not easy to get there, it is worth going to the picturesque valley of Bijagua and visiting the Tenorio Volcano National Park. Arrive at the waterfall where you can see that hypnotic blue of the waters of this river is rewarding.


    most impressive places

    It is a complete paradise in the Caribbean Sea with its magical contrasts of white sand, turquoise sea, and the color of its culture. Also … Did you know that it is classified as “the happy island”? Go and be happy in Aruba.

    What can you do in Aruba?

    You can spend hours observing the sea of ​​Aruba, both from outside and in its depths, diving in these waters is a spectacle, so full of life, explore a cemetery of wrecked ships that is near its coasts. Stroll through such colorful streets with spectacular shows, explore a vibrant nightlife and the list goes on.

    Dive into Sunrise City

    To the south is San Nicolás, the cultural epicenter of the island better known as Sunrise City, colorful, creative, artists and a carnival atmosphere, you will find that!

    Reach the top of Mount Hooiberg

    Climb this iconic island peak, forged by ancient volcanoes, ascending through windswept steps. The view is glorious, it even made me want to cry.

    Snorkel at Mangel Halto 

    This is one of the beaches in Aruba that has delicate reefs and calm waters perfect for the contemplation of marine fauna and flora.

    You already have some information that will help you choose your next destination to travel to in 2020.

    The Best Vacation Destinations for Every Season

    The most popular vacation season is summer when people flock to theme parks, beaches, and resorts to relax and have fun. Summer is a great time for a vacation, but spring, fall, and winter each has its own special blend of attractions and allure. Here are some exciting vacation destinations to think about, no matter what the season.

    Best time to visit Phuket

    The paradisiacal island of Phuket is the most popular tourist destination in Thailand. The perfect place to enjoy beautiful beaches, stunning landscapes, and taste the exquisite cuisine of Thailand. A destination to savor it calmly. In this guide, you can discover which is the best time to visit Phuket, as well as the climate of each of its seasons so that you can choose the best option for your trip.

    When to travel to Phuket

    Thanks to the high temperatures of the island, Phuket is ideal to visit it at any time of the year, although, of course, several differences are depending on the months. One of the best times to visit Phuket is in the months of December to March.

    In these months, the humidity is pleasant, without a high probability of rain, and with long hours of sunshine per day. Perfect to fully enjoy your trip.

    Especially in the months of December to February, since they are further away from the rainy season. The ideal time to take advantage of all the tourist attractions.

    Travel seasons

    The high season to travel to Phuket in December to March, since the temperature is more pleasant, with no probability of rain. It is the perfect time to enjoy its beaches and to be able to practice all kinds of water activities.

    The average temperature is 32ºC, with an average of 8 hours of sun per day and with a water temperature of 27ºC. In addition, the probability of rain is only 8 days.

    The price is higher than the rest of the year and it is more difficult to find accommodation at an affordable price.

    The average season to travel to Phuket is in the months of November and April, since the good weather is good during these months, although there is a small probability of rain. This is because in November, the rainy season usually ends and in April it begins, without having a fixed date so that it can be a drawback for your trip.

    The average temperature is 31ºC, with an average of 7 hours of sun per day and with a water temperature of 28ºC while the probability of rain is 16 days.

    Prices are much cheaper than in the high season and you can beat the heat on its beautiful beaches as they are still perfect for a dip.

    The low season to visit Phuket is in the months of May to October, since it coincides with the rainy season. The temperature is overwhelming due to the high humidity and most of the trip will be raining.

    The average temperature is 25ºC, with an average of 6 hours of sun per day and with a water temperature of 28ºC. While the probability of rain is 20 days. Prices are much cheaper than the rest of the year, without mass tourism.

    The worst time to travel to Phuket

    The worst time to visit Phuket all year round is in the low season, from May to October, due to the constant rains.

    Despite maintaining a pleasant temperature, the rain can be most annoying to know the attractions of the place, since it rains for days on end, without being able to hike to discover the beautiful green surroundings of the area.

    Weather in Phuket

    The climate in Sydney is tropical throughout the year, with pleasant temperatures. The rainiest season corresponds to the months of May to October, the sun accompanies throughout the day, but the rains are usually constant, reaching a minimum of 25ºC.

    Being the rainiest month in September, with 23 rainy days. In the hottest months, from December to March, the average temperature is 32ºC, making it ideal to enjoy your trip around Phuket fully.

    Tips for traveling to Phuket

    To access Phuket, it is necessary to have a valid DNI and Passport for the next 6 months. It is also necessary to obtain a tourist visa for Thailand and a photocopy of round trip airline tickets.

    In the city, the currency of Bhat is used. I recommend you make the change at the airport or in your city of origin. In most establishments, you cannot pay by card.

    Hallstat Austria , how to get there and where to sleep.

    This wonderful country nestled in the mountains. It is not easy to reach from Italy, or rather, you have to take into account several hours of travel. How best to get to Hallstatt actually depends, logically, where you start from. Now I’ll tell you about our experience.

    Will virtual reality become an alternative to real travel?

    The coronavirus has changed several things for people around the world, and it primarily affected travel and the tourism industry. Perhaps virtual reality will become an alternative to real travel, and someday it will completely replace such an experience. But not everything is so simple with this technology.

    5 Helpful Travel Tips for Young Professionals

    As a young professional, there is a good chance that you are doing a lot of traveling. This is why it can help to have some travel tips and tricks. Not only do you want to find a way to pack light and efficiently – you also want to find a way to book an affordable hotel room. Moreover, you want to find accommodations that offer a great view and amenities. Sure, you may not need the nicest amenities – you are only staying for a night or two – but it can be nice to have a comfortable environment to get your work done. Also, there is entertainment to think about – if you are a young professional, there is a good chance that you want to go out and eat, see a show or relax before a big meeting.

    Dublin Travel Basics for First-Time Visitors

    If you have never been to Ireland, you are going to have a blast in Dublin. It’s one of the most fun and romantic cities in the world, and the people tend to have a very jovial sense of humor. You can learn all about it in guide to Dublin, but for now, here are some Dublin travel basics for first-time visitors.

    Traveling to Europe in College: 5 Fun Destinations

    Traveling to Europe as a college student is a right of passage. There will come a time when you and your friends from MBA degree online will pool together your cash, purchase plane tickets and head to Europe with backpacks full of clothes and heads full of ideas. There is also a good chance that when you land, you will hit the nearest hostel and then make your way on your journey.

    Want to travel on a shoestring budget? Here is what you should do.

    We all have a travel bug, and every now and then it pops its head up, nudging you to go on that trip. But then you look at your pocket and decide otherwise. Travelling can be expensive, and to be able to travel with having to spend the least possible amount of money is the dream. It’s certainly difficult, but not impossible. You could plan well, or make use of some discounts or privileges, with airline partners. Anything that helps you pay less is a great idea!

    Your Travel Bucket List Starts Here

    What’s on your bucket list? Maybe you want to do something you’ve never done before. Perhaps you want to live abroad or spend time doing charitable work. Your bucket list probably includes dreams of traveling to exotic locales and engaging in fascinating adventures. Maybe you’re having trouble deciding just where to go. Have you thought about adding any of these great destinations to your list?

    Truth Is Stranger than Fiction When it Comes to Travel

    Most people who travel extensively have their own stories of trips gone wrong. Most have to do with tales of lost luggage, where a bag goes to Belize when it’s supposed to go to Boston. Some true travel tales go beyond lost luggage and into the realm of “you can’t be serious.”

    7 Travel Accommodation Options to suit every pocket

    To travel is to live. Travelling liberates a person and tends to find one own self. You make unforgettable memories during your trips. And so you need to make sure that those memories are pleasant. Accommodation is an important part of your journey and it needs to be selected as per your budget, location, facilities available etc. Choosing the right accommodation saves a lot of money.

    5 Travel Safety Tips for College Students

    As a college student, you may enjoy the relative freedom to travel unattended for the first time in your life.  Without your parents to guide and protect you, however, you could end up in some unsafe situations if you’re not careful.  This isn’t necessarily your fault.  After all, you’re inexperience and ignorance are likely to blame.  However, you’re the one who will suffer from a lack of knowledge.

    5 Safe Destinations for College Student Travel

    Right now, the world isn’t as safe as it used to be. Whether you are pursuing MBA program or if you are getting your degree in cinema or liberal arts, you can always risk traveling somewhere or studying somewhere that has either a high crime rate or is politically unsafe. Indeed, if you are planning your travels for spring break, summer vacation or a winter holiday, you want to know where all the safe locations are.

    5 Money-Saving Travel Tips for College Students

    When you’re a college student, there’s nothing more fun than using your vacation time to go explore the world. Even if you’re earning your degree with online, you are going to need some vacation time here and there. You may not have a ton of money, but with a strong wanderlust, you can cover a lot of ground. You just have to know how to get around on a shoestring budget and how to find out about all the coolest events going on.