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What’s on your bucket list? Maybe you want to do something you’ve never done before. Perhaps you want to live abroad or spend time doing charitable work. Your bucket list probably includes dreams of traveling to exotic locales and engaging in fascinating adventures. Maybe you’re having trouble deciding just where to go. Have you thought about adding any of these great destinations to your list?

Find Your Adventure in the Good Old U.S.

Have you ever wanted to learn to surf? You can in Hawaii. Hawaii is the birthplace of modern surfing, where it’s called “the sport of kings.” Oahu’s Waikiki Beach is ideal for the surfing novice with its gentle breaks. Certified Waikiki Beach Boys will have you riding the waves in no time.

If seeing some of America’s most amazing natural wonders is high on your list, head to Yosemite National Park. Giant sequoias, waterfalls, granite cliffs and mountains provide an inspiring natural setting. Try your hand at rugged tent camping for a real hands-on experience. If a more luxurious type of stay is more your style, you can rent a cabin or relax at a nearby hotel.

If food is your passion, add New Orleans to your list. Long famous for its Creole style cuisine, fine-dining establishments and world-famous chefs with a wide variety of different food tastes and styles have flocked to New Orleans, making it a true foodie’s delight.

Overseas Adventures

If seeing exotic wildlife, such as lions, zebras, leopards, hyenas and giraffes and living in a tent on the savannas sounds like paradise, head to and Beyond Nxabega Tented Camp in Botswana for an African safari. This isn’t your typical rugged tent camping adventure. More like a hotel room with a canvas cover, tents boast plush beds and phenomenal views of the landscape and wildlife. Take guided tours, walk through the bush and paddle canoes through the beautiful Okavango Delta region. A word of caution: Malaria exists in this area, so check with the Centers for Disease Control website for details about protecting yourself before making your travel plans.

For a different kind of cultural escape, head to Venice, Italy. Riding a gondola is a must-have experience when you visit this historical, museum-rich region. Immerse yourself in the culture and, best of all, indulge in the delicious local cuisine.

Of course, no couple should miss a visit to Paris, the romance capital of the world. Paris is full of gothic architecture and iconic attractions, such as the Notre Dame Cathedral and Eiffel Tower. But for romance, go for a walk down the famous Champs-Elysee.

Your Bucket List Budget

Dreams are wonderful, but if your dreams are bigger than your travel budget, you have a problem. Maybe you won’t get to do everything on your list, but you can still make some of your dreams come true if you shop smart. Save money when you book your reservations through an online travel agency that specializes in combination travel packages, subscribe to emails and follow the site on Twitter to stay informed about the latest coupons and travel savings.

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