Full Suspension Bike Which One Is Best

XC Hardtail Vs XC Full Suspension Bike Which One Is Best

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It’s all about bicycles what we love and what is best but we never know what bikes are best for us. I think we are on the original epic machine and won a cross-country hardtail or full suspension.

You know hardtail or Full Suspension they are epic machines and really fancy. We are going to try and find out, which is the best epic machine out there.

Trail Performance Test

We’ve planned a 40-kilometer bike south Wales and thanks to national resources.

The route takes in over a thousand meters of climbing on the classic trail center with some mixed, challenging terrain as ever.

You can check out our rapid ride on our commute page and even try the ride yourself and there is you have a full guideline of hardtail vs full suspension.

But first, let’s take a look at the bikes for the day. The boy home ride in is a Merida big nine acts T a proper cross-country hardtail full carbon frame and carbon seat post as well.

These a hardtail fork up front 29 and of course and it’s got proper cross-country angles on this bike. A 70-degree head has an angle of 73 and a half seat angle, and the reach is four to one millimeter from.

It’s got full suspension Shimano XT groupsets and It’s fast and agile, it is also very lightweight just 10.3 kilograms perfect for napping rides and it costs 2,700 euros to beat that rich.

Those are some pretty impressive numbers for an ECC rig like that. But as you can see and almost something a little bit different.

I’m on a fully XT a quit Merida 96 R CXT obviously a big noticeable difference at a hundred-mile traveler. But I’ve got a hundred mil dropper to boot as well numbers.

This is 11.55 kilograms and it’s going to set you back about 4,600 euros. This is surely got to be the bike for an epic ride and XC racing to boot.

It can do it all and you’re going to be doing it comfortably fast bike riding, and efficiently as well and we’ll just have to find out although we are running with different types of hardtails and full-suspension bikes.

Now, although that one by one you can get a front Mac for these still but with that massive speed range out the back.

Combined with the hyper glide chain the real smooth shifting, even under pressure and there shouldn’t be much.

We can’t get up or down on today’s ride clear to see them with a hardtail the lower manufacturing costs and fewer moving parts.

I mean you’ll always get a lighter bike and despite them both having the same group set, the hardtail will cost less too, in this case, 1,900 euros cheaper plus over a kilo load.

I knew we’re out on our epic and I’m going to throw in a little challenge for us here and you can see it. I’ve stopped us at the base of this little climb and it’s quite steep and quite loose.

It’s going to be a good spot to find out if you’re and it’s our whip and It is going to fly on up this.

I’ll tell you why it’s incredible and the smooth stuff and somebody switched backs and I forget how lively across some hotel fails with it, but it’s surprisingly rough already.

Pedal Stroke

Now there is all about across XC hardtail and XC full suspension pedal store. I know I can hear the tires struggling about ready. So, it’s going to be a test of skills.

10 points if you make it to the top and it is really cool and just try to find the points and don’t you surge forward at every pedal stroke?

Mind you that good lighthearted and smashed it up there and see what we got and it’s come on the 12 speeds.

Full SaaS traction at its finest, smooth straight through the middle that’s really tough. Isn’t it? So, links kind of surprised how well it got that and you were like a little nimble mountain bike.

You were picking lines quite a lot though. I am losing the rear tire a little bit on some of those specialties like lower down or some of the Stonier opinions.

You can definitely hear and can use a big old cassette at the back and just sort of plow and almost straight through the middle use that traction of the rear suspension and you’re not walking out and let’s keep it rolling.

That’s a hard act and land out some precious down this epic and we thought we were just cruising.

let’s talk about climbing quickly. Now despite the ultra-lightweight of the hardtail, there are some things you can do.

Take into consideration grit. Finding grit can be tricky when you put the power down as the backend may not stick to the ground as well.

Also, the line choice, they don’t have the same ability as a full, when it comes to plowing over everything in sight it comes to the sending.

The hardtail bike requires you to have a little more and It’s a thing that can get a little bit looser and you should concentrate on finding traction and picking those smoother lines.


This is where the full PSAs come into their own and you don’t need to be quite as careful as it allows you to ride more freely using the large 29 a wheel to smooth out the trail in turn making you faster and giving you more confidence.

I’ve been singing the praises of hardtail quite a lot recently and actually to be fair and It’s not just me. They still get raced. I actually really enjoy it and It’s such a fast bike and when you’re pushing it on.

I was going to say like less care you have to give when going uphill, but because of the actual traction, you can just motor on straight through your full suspension bike.

Hardtail might become a bit tiring and a bit and you know when you have to just get up outside a little bit, but it’s still there are people that ride them, like did the tour divide on a hardtail or full suspension?

So, the rollover negates a lot of little bumps anyway and I know you can fit two ball cases on these manufacturers especially, I’ve worked really hard to do that If we’re talking proper rapid rise adventure riding.

I’ve just got lots of space for a bike packing kit, especially we were running the big one on the back. It gets hard on a full suspension, but you can do it does.


So, I think there’s something pure about hearts out and I’ve just really enjoyed it and It’s just been a fun day all around it.

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