Why Hawaii Shouldn’t be your Next Vacation Destination

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Choosing a vacation destination is tough. So many places, so little time. Hawaii complicates that decision even

more because deciding to vacation here is only step one—you still have to decide which island(s) to visit! What to do, what to do? Best South African casinos thought it would be a good public service to offer you five great reasons why Hawaii should not be on your list of vacation options. 

Everything Is Expensive

The various businesses must import just about everything you see on the island. As a result, you should expect to pay a premium price anytime you buy something. Research indicates that goods cost 30% more in Hawaii than elsewhere. You know it’s bad when California people complain about the costs. Hawaii takes the prize as the most expensive state in the country. Prices for housing, transportation, and groceries are all off the charts. Visiting any of the islands takes some deep pockets that could be several times more expensive than visiting other locations in the continental United States.

Locals Don’t Want Visitors

Another reason you should avoid Hawaii is that many locals don’t want visitors. The islands see so many careless tourists come through every year. Many tourists disrespect the land and the culture during their stays. Many locals and government officials beg tourists to stop coming. According to Euronews, Mayor Mike Victorino said in a press conference, “We’re asking for just a pause, if you want to use that term. We don’t have the authority to say ‘stop,’ but we’re asking the powers that be to help us in this sense.”

You Have Volcanophobia

If you have volcanophobia, visiting Hawaii could be a nightmare. The eight Hawaiian Islands have 15 volcanoes. However, these comprise a section of a massive chain of 129 volcanoes above and below sea level. This chain of islands stretches 3,800 miles across the northern Pacific Ocean. Hawaii Volcanoes National Park is home to one of the most active volcanoes in the world. Someone afraid of volcanic activity would likely want to stay far away from this area. Gas plumes are relatively constant, and you can even get a view of lava when the volcano is actively erupting. It’s quite a sight for many, but not those with volcanophobia.

Sandy Beaches Aren’t Your Thing

If you want to come to Hawaii for the beautiful tropical forests and scenery, you’ll also have to deal with the sand. You’ll find over 100 beaches throughout the Hawaiian Islands, and some people just don’t like sand. No matter how hard you try not to, it’s next to impossible not to bring some home as a souvenir. It sticks to just about any surface and is so tiny that it’ll find a place to hide in your belongings. You can’t drive very far in any direction without running into a beach. If sandy beaches aren’t your thing, you’ll want to avoid Hawaii and just opt for your games at online pokies for real money.

You Don’t Like Flying

There’s not currently, nor will there ever be, a bridge that connects the continental United States to the Hawaiian Islands. Thus, you can only get there by plane or boat. Cruising typically takes 9 to 11 days from major cruise companies, so flying will be your best bet. If you don’t like spending several hours in a cramped plane, you may not want to come to an island in the middle of the ocean. If flying or cruising isn’t your thing, then Hawaii will be one trip you might not want to take any time soon.

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