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What are the 10 highest mountains in Europe? 

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The European mountains are among the most beautiful in the world. But what are the ten highest mountains in Europe? Where are the highest mountains found? Are the peaks that challenge Everest on this side of the world alpine? And what do we know about the Urals or the great French Massif Central? Let’s go to the discovery of the ten highest mountains of our Old Continent. They do not have record numbers but are decorated with unique landscapes, so particular that today it is called “alpine landscape” to describe every kind of mountain panorama in the world. And our Alps, in fact, are among the most beautiful and varied mountain ranges in the world.

Mount Elbrus, Caucasus Mountains

With its 5,642 meters, Mount Elbrus is certainly the highest mountain in Europe ever. The problem with his record is that the Caucasus mountain range has not yet been perfectly defined in its geography. It is not known whether it belongs more to Europe or Asia, although it is included in the Russian national territory. This means that the record of this mountain is constantly contested in favor of that of our Mont Blanc. The latest studies, however, certainly declare him European and therefore the winner of the continent’s height record.

Mount Dykh-Tau, Caucasus Range

Due to the same problem indicated above, this too – like all roller coasters in the Caucasus – have records that are not always validated. At the moment, however, it is stated that this mountain range falls within Europe, and Mount Dykh-Tau, with its 5,205 meters, is the second-highest mountain.

Mount Shkhara, Caucasus Range

The third podium is once again up to a Caucasian mountain: the Shkhara, 5,193 meters high, is considered the “gateway” to Europe, which is the exact border between our continent and the Asian one. The nation this mountain refers to is Georgia.

Mont Blanc, Alps

Divided between France and Italy, “our” Mont Blanc with its 4,810 meters contends the European primacy to the Russian mountains. It is certainly one of the highest mountains in Europe and one of the most beautiful, for views and rock formations, ever.

Monte Rosa, Alps

Monte Rosa follows closely, with 4,634 meters. Divided equally between Switzerland and Italy, the “fourth place” however belongs to our neighbors since the summit that exceeds 4,000 meters falls within Swiss territory.

Monte Dom, Swiss Alps

With 4,545 meters, Mount Dom in the Swiss Alps is the third peak of the entire chain and one of the most fascinating mountains in the confederation.

Grossglockner mountain, Austrian Alps

A splendid ski destination among the many Austrians, this mountain of 3,798 meters is rightly among the ten highest peaks in Europe.

Mount Mulhacen, Sierra Nevada

The Spanish Sierra Nevada is the third-highest chain in Europe. And this Mulhacen mountain is the main peak with its undisputed 3,480 meters.

Pico de Aneto, Pyrenees

The highest peak in the Pyrenees range is 3,404 meters high. The territory of the summit falls within the national territory of Spain, although the Pyrenees are divided between this country and France.

Etna volcano, Italy

Etna, 3,323 meters, is a volcano and therefore its top is constantly evolving. It far exceeds 3000 meters, however, and this makes it the tenth highest mountain in Europe. It is located in the eastern part of the island of Sicily.

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