travel on a shoestring budget

Want to travel on a shoestring budget? Here is what you should do.

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We all have a travel bug, and every now and then it pops its head up, nudging you to go on that trip. But then you look at your pocket and decide otherwise. Travelling can be expensive, and to be able to travel with having to spend the least possible amount of money is the dream. It’s certainly difficult, but not impossible. You could plan well, or make use of some discounts or privileges, with airline partners. Anything that helps you pay less is a great idea!

Here are a few things you could keep in mind before you go on that trip.

Save everyday!

Make a tiny jar for your travel fund, or create a separate savings account. Cut down on your everyday luxuries, like that expensive cup of coffee or those dinner parties with friends. Try and save money on your daily budget and add it all up to your travel fund. You’ll be amazed at how much money you can actually save by doing so. Having more money only means you can travel more.

Couch surf

If you have friends or family living at or even close to your travel destination, spending a night or two on their living room couch is a brilliant idea. Spending on a hotel room makes no sense since you will spend most of your time wandering around, exploring new places. You could request your relatives to provide shelter for a couple of nights and then you can pack your bags and leave again. Make sure you don’t stay too long or you’ll soon become the trouble maker for them. Just a couple of nights are okay.

Book your tickets

Don’t wait for a plan to come up, or for your friends to agree with it too. Book your tickets in advance. Flight tickets when booked in advance are much cheaper. Booking them in advance will make sure you don’t cancel on yet another travel plan (which is almost like giving up on a childhood dream), you will have enough time to figure out what to do and how to plan your trip too. Check airfares and book the cheapest airline. You may also find some special offers if you are a frequent flier.

Save on food

Eating at an expensive restaurant is a big No-No if you plan to stick to your budget. Find local eateries that serve their cuisine, these are often cheap and provide the best meals. You could also accept that invitation to have dinner with your friend’s family, or explore the place and fix yourself a meal. You could also go on a fruit diet (think about it!).

Look for an opportunity

If your company if offering you a position in another city, take it; go to another country to study, attend that conference or the meeting, any reason to get you out of your house works just fine. Finish your work and then keep a day or two free to explore the place. It will save you a lot of extra expense!

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