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7 Travel Accommodation Options to suit every pocket

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To travel is to live. Travelling liberates a person and tends to find one own self. You make unforgettable memories during your trips. And so you need to make sure that those memories are pleasant. Accommodation is an important part of your journey and it needs to be selected as per your budget, location, facilities available etc. Choosing the right accommodation saves a lot of money.

Here are different types of accommodation available at your disposal.


Hotels are most commonly used accommodation options. Depending on their rating, hotels are available for a wide range of budgets. You have various hotel booking online sites which offer competitive pricing. These hotels tend to be cheaper, the farther they get away from the city centre. If you believe in a brand or a chain of hotels, then it makes sense to enrol into their loyalty rewards program. This will give you an extra edge with each booking.

Home stays

Home stay is a trending accommodation option. Families welcome you into their homes and hearts giving you a flavour of their culture. It is generally a home away from home – a perfect combination of warmth and luxury. It is good option for couples and families.


Hostels are the cheapest and most accessible accommodation option. This is very convenient when you plan on an extended stay. However there may be a lack of privacy where you tend to have common areas for kitchen, entertainment etc. You may opt for private rooms at an extra price. However, you find some good company and friends for a lifetime here.


Camping and staying in tents is exciting as well as adventurous. Feel one with nature. The flowing stream, the chirping of the birds, the magnanimous view of the mountains and swishing of the trees-experience the thrill of all of this and more. Unwind yourself and get lost in the lap of nature with camping.

Home Exchange

Home Exchange is a good cheap accommodation method. You put up your home on the list for home exchange. For some duration, you exchange your home with another family in some other country. This is how you live cheap in another country and divert these funds to explore your destination.


If you plan on spending few months, then rental homes are more suitable as well as cost effective. You make this rental accommodation your home for the intended length of stay. You have your privacy, your own kitchen and appliances. Service apartments are well maintained rental apartments especially for people travelling on business.

Bed and Breakfast

Bed and Breakfast offer a compromise between the expense of a hotel and lack of privacy of hostels. These are smaller in scale as compared to hotels but are warm and cozy at the same time. Couples and families prefer B&B for its comfort.

Drive your worries away. Just let go. Use this accommodation options, or better still try to get lost and find an accommodation where you get tired. You probably find the best of destinations or at least valuable experiences this way.

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