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The best travel guide for a trip to Vietnam

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Are you thinking of taking the backpack and traveling to Vietnam on your own? Do you want to know the cultural variety of the different ethnic groups of the north, geographical accidents that take your breath away, cities with personality, beaches, mountains, and the Mekong delta? And also without having to spend all your savings?

More and more people are visiting this popular Asian destination and more and more people are daring to explore it on their own. As we know that you are going to be one of them, we have prepared this Vietnam travel guide that will come in handy. Please read carefully!

Visa to Travel to Vietnam

Travel guide for Vietnam trip

For some time and until the Vietnamese authorities say otherwise, you can already get a 15-day Vietnam visa waiver, which allows you to stay in the country for just over two weeks for free. But if what you want is to stay longer, you should take a look at our article Vietnam visa: all the ways to process it easily and quickly where we explain everything to you.

Flights to Vietnam

If you have chosen to travel to Vietnam, surely you have already begun to keep an eye on flight search engines. We know the importance of this issue because a large part of the budget goes on the plane, so we are going to leave you some advice when looking for cheap flights to Vietnam so that you can take advantage of the savings you get to spend it in the country or in other travel expenses.

In the previous link, we show you a step by step to save on your flights. checked!

Travel Insurance

It goes without saying how important it is to travel to Thailand with good insurance. There are many types and colors, prices, and coverage, but we always make sure with the IATI company. We were also the first to offer a  5% discount to readers. You can get it at an IATI discount, an article where we also explain many more things and opinions about it.

Vietnam Travel Itineraries

What route through Vietnam can I do? Beach, mountains, cities? If you are still not sure what itinerary to do in Vietnam, we recommend downloading our application « conmochilapp », for Android and iOS, where you can choose from dozens of routes for a number of days, from 10 to 30 days.

In addition, it is an app that allows you to carry all the information that we have compiled in this article in your pocket: hotels, transport, activities, documentation, information… and the good thing is that you can upload the reservations on your mobile and consult later. off-line (without internet) And on top of that, it’s free!


We only offer information and we will never induce you to get vaccinated, but at least for those who wish to do so, there is a  list of recommended vaccines for Vietnam. As we always say, you have to make a visit to the doctor so that a professional can inform you about the vaccines and advise you 100% correctly.


“Whoever forgets their history is doomed to repeat it” seems to be something that Hanoians have very clear, who show theirs and their culture through a series of museums, monuments, prisons, and pagodas. Nobody who sets foot in Hanoi will leave there without knowing something more about the war.

However, the capital has managed to adapt to the flow of travelers who travel through Southeast Asia and make this city a mandatory stop. That is why in the Old Quarter area there are hundreds of accommodations, restaurants where you can enjoy the rich Vietnamese cuisine, and of course, thousands of places where you can savor the always appetizing cà phê.

Hanoi is a city in which you can spend two or three days and in the article, you will find all the information.

Ha Long Bay

According to local legend, when the Vietnamese were fighting the Chinese who were trying to invade them, the gods sent a family of dragons to help defend the land from the invaders. This family of dragons began to spit out jewels and jade which later became the islands and islets of  Halong Bay, joining together to form a great wall.

It is a World Heritage Site and, without a doubt, one of the must-see sites on a trip to Vietnam.

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