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The 6 most impressive places in the world to visit in 2020

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Therefore, today we bring you a list of those most impressive places in the world, which are not very common, and this was the list that came out, we hope you keep it in mind to plan your trips in 2020.


most impressive places

Little is heard of this small European country in the Mediterranean archipelago. It is the favorite destination for beach lovers thanks to its beautiful turquoise waters. Without a doubt, one of the places to visit in the world in 2020.

What to do in Malta?

In Malta, you can go from relaxing on its beaches to getting your adrenaline pumping climbing its cliffs. Here are some ideas to visit Malta:

Visit the Hal Saflieni Hypogeum

An impressive underground prehistoric temple, when you enter you feel the energy of the place, thousands of years of history and mystery … Buuuu!

Climb cliffs in Ta’Cenc

For all those who have always wanted to climb over the sea and in Gozo, one of the islands that make up the Maltese archipelago, you can make it happen because it has more than 100 meters of cliffs on its coasts to climb, like Ta ‘ Cenc, with spectacular views.

Walk the streets of Valletta

It is the capital, a fortification built by the crusaders. Walking through its streets is a true journey back in time for its architecture and monuments that are simply spectacular.

Marsaxlokk, a cute but unpronounceable town

In the port of this town, you can admire the luzzu, colorful typical Maltese boats. They wear the eye of Osiris, the boatmen claim that it drives away evil spirits.

A dip in St Peter’s Pool

It is a natural pool formed between the rocks, it is very close to the sea and you can jump from there. It is a bit high but it is worth it to experience the adrenaline.


most impressive places

A country with a unique mix of cultures that makes it one of the most beautiful places in the world to visit. Istanbul, its capital, has all the ingredients to be a worthy representative of this pearl of Western Asia.

What can you do in Turkey?

Perfect for a unique honeymoon and marvel at the many natural treasures that this country has to discover. In addition to very active and culturally rich cities with their mosques. Here are some ideas for visiting Turkey :

The Blue Mosque in Istanbul

It is an imposing representation of Turkish architecture. It is called blue because inside it has millions of tiles made by hand.


It is located in the center of the country and is an impressive area with rock formations called fairy chimneys, Sandra says that as soon as she saw them she felt like seeing a lunar landscape.

The beaches of Antalya

Crystal clear blue waters of the Mediterranean in southeastern Turkey. What you will love the most are these waterfalls that fall over the sea and are called Düden, beautiful!


most impressive places

As if time has stopped, that is the feeling when visiting Morocco. Narrow alleys, locals in traditional costumes, picturesque markets. You can make a stopover in Madrid and from there take a flight to Tangier, across the border between Spain and Morocco.

What can you do in Morocco?

This country due to its proximity to Europe has a very particular mix in its culture, architecture, and traditions. These are some ideas for your visit to Morocco:

Hercules Cave and Cape Spartel in Tangier

Take a flight to Madrid and from there travel to Tánge, the Moroccan port closest to the Spanish border. There he visits the Cave of Hercules in which curiously you can see the silhouette of the map of Africa upside down at its entrance. Another very interesting place to visit is Cape Spartel where the Atlantic Ocean hugs the Mediterranean Sea.

Chefchaouen, the blue pearl

This is another very nice city. and the reason why they call it the blue pearl is that its streets and houses are painted blue; In addition to looking dreamy, it serves to scare off mosquitoes, how curious!

This city is anchored in the mountains, making it a magnificent viewpoint and one of the most beautiful places in the world to visit. Morocco is a Muslim country and the call to prayer at various times of the day reverberates particularly in every corner of this beautiful Moroccan city.


It is a bustling city where you have to venture into its streets to see its palaces, haggle in its markets, photograph its gardens, mosques, and medersas (universities). It is frowned upon not to enter the game of negotiating the price of goods, it is their culture.

Sahara desert 

This may be part of the tour that you like the most. The experience of sleeping in jaimas (traditional tents) in the middle of the desert, being transported in dromedaries through the dumas, tasting the seasoning of the stews prepared in a tagine, and listening to the music of the Berber nomads is something sublime.


most impressive places

The animated movie came to mind, right? If adventure is your thing, you cannot miss a journey to this country, which has been isolated from the rest of the world for so long. Its ecosystem has evolved in a unique way and it has exciting activities to offer.

What can you do in Madagascar?

It is not a place for any type of tourist, because between parks and nature reserves there are many situations that are far from a resort vacation. These are some ideas for your visit to Madagascar:

Grand Tsingy de Bemaraha

In this natural reserve known for its pointed rock formations, you can tour its caves and climb its cliffs, a real adventure for a climber. Don’t miss the opportunity to photograph Decken’s sifaka, one of the most adorable lemurs.

Tsiribihina River crossing

This seven-day tour starts in Antsirabe and ends in Morondava, a quiet coastal town in western Madagascar. It is a journey in a small boat or canoe, camping on the river bank and contemplating the fauna and flora of the place.

Hug, if you can, a Baobabs

In Morondava you must see and experience the magnitude of perhaps the most giant trees in the world. With a length of 30 meters high, they are a unique species of Madagascar. There are Baobabs as old as 800 years old, amazing!

Costa Rica

most impressive places

This is a must-visit destination for those who champion sustainable destinations. a country rich in biodiversity, sloths clinging to trees, ultra-poisonous red-eyed frogs, and whale watching in the Pacific.

What can you do in Costa Rica?

The locals understand very well the importance of preserving the natural reserve that is their country. In all the activities carried out there, harmony with the ecosystem is promoted. These are some activities that you can do on your trip:

Hike through volcanoes

Take a walk along the route that connects two volcanoes: the Irazú with the Turrialba. It is an approximate journey of 11 km. You get to the foot of the Turrialba volcano where you can see a beautiful sunset.

A glimpse of nature by zip line

Zipline or canopy, however, you know it, it is about taking an aerial tour through a cable suspended over the Costa Rican jungle, without a doubt it is for the brave. We recommend doing it in the Puerto Viejo area, next to the jungles that flow into the Caribbean Sea.

See the Rio Celeste

Although it is not easy to get there, it is worth going to the picturesque valley of Bijagua and visiting the Tenorio Volcano National Park. Arrive at the waterfall where you can see that hypnotic blue of the waters of this river is rewarding.


most impressive places

It is a complete paradise in the Caribbean Sea with its magical contrasts of white sand, turquoise sea, and the color of its culture. Also … Did you know that it is classified as “the happy island”? Go and be happy in Aruba.

What can you do in Aruba?

You can spend hours observing the sea of ​​Aruba, both from outside and in its depths, diving in these waters is a spectacle, so full of life, explore a cemetery of wrecked ships that is near its coasts. Stroll through such colorful streets with spectacular shows, explore a vibrant nightlife and the list goes on.

Dive into Sunrise City

To the south is San Nicolás, the cultural epicenter of the island better known as Sunrise City, colorful, creative, artists and a carnival atmosphere, you will find that!

Reach the top of Mount Hooiberg

Climb this iconic island peak, forged by ancient volcanoes, ascending through windswept steps. The view is glorious, it even made me want to cry.

Snorkel at Mangel Halto 

This is one of the beaches in Aruba that has delicate reefs and calm waters perfect for the contemplation of marine fauna and flora.

You already have some information that will help you choose your next destination to travel to in 2020.

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