Best apps for plan trips 

Looking for a trip planner: best apps to plan a trip

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If you are thinking of taking a vacation, do not miss these apps and programs to plan your trips and travel the world. Meet them!

Below, we present mobile applications to plan your trips in a safe and organized way. With these different apps you will be able to organize your routes, access the maps to guide you and move without fear around any city you don’t know, locate the different transports, see recommendations for flights, hotels, places to visit, restaurants, among others. Everything from your cell phone and at the time you want. Meet them!

Plan and organize your trip

Trip planner apps

Lonely Planet

This application is ideal for those who prefer to visit more urban destinations or visit a European capital. Lonely Planet contains tourist guides with all the necessary information to enjoy your stay in various cities and capitals of the world. Each guide is downloadable and offers information such as interesting places to visit, recommended hotels and restaurants, shopping guides, and historical information about the city. Above all, it indicates the most interesting areas to visit in various cities in France, Spain, the United States, California, and Japan.


It is an application that is used to organize the trip since you can create notes, notes and obtain material for new ideas.

Google Calendar

It allows us to have all the events under control, creating alarms for each planned activity, and categorizing the events by colors, according to the theme or city that we will visit.

Google Trips

It is a Google application that allows you to organize and plan your trips and vacations from your cell phone. It allows you to download maps and a complete travel guide, which can be viewed both online and offline. According to the information entered in the search engines, Google Trips collects data on places of interest to visit and a complete gastronomic guide with the places where we can go to eat, whatever the city we are going to travel to. It also provides information on cultural and entertainment activities, so it works as a tourist guide of the place.


It allows you to know how the weather will be in the place you have chosen to spend your vacation. By determining the most accurate weather forecasts, this application allows you to determine the type of clothing you will wear and organize the activities you will do. In addition, it offers forecasts hourly and in 23 different languages.


If you plan to go to a Spanish beach on your vacation, this application is ideal for you. In the play, you will find information on more than 2,000 beaches on the Spanish coast. Each one contains an information sheet with the weather forecast, water temperature, waves, tides, UV index, among others. In addition, it lets you know the services offered on each beach, such as showers, bathrooms, umbrella rental, children’s area, parking, etc.


It contains forecasts for every hour, with weather radar, a browser, a webcam, and many other options to make it easier for you every day.


When traveling, we always think about the destination we will arrive at or the places we will visit, but we do not take into account that the journey from one point to another is also an important part of the trip. For those people who make long trips with long waits or layovers in different airports, Flysmart is very useful. It is an app that tells us what we can do at the different airports in the world, as it offers detailed information about them, including seeing the shops and services available.


This specialized flight search application allows us to plan and manage our trips. It also offers other hotel search services and other types of transportation, such as trains, buses, and cars. In relation to flights, it allows us to know, for example, which airlines are more prone to delays, which are cheaper, or which offer the best customer service. With Kayak you can find the cheapest flights since by entering the origin and destination of the trip you can compare the prices of the different airlines.


It is an application dedicated to flight search and price comparison. Notifications can be activated to find out about changes in fares and make the reservation when the flight costs the least possible. In addition, it recommends the cheapest days among those that we mark as available to make the trip.

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