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How to plan a trip to California?

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California is a federal state that belongs to the United States of America. This place lately reveals a great interest and is preferred as a tourist destination by many people. Current and surprising, these are the two basic characteristics which this destination is chosen. The latter is a vibrant, inspiring, and cosmopolitan city.

The itineraries to follow are immense and allow you to appreciate the locality in every detail, visiting it and discovering its culture and history. Obviously, before your plan a trip to California, you must take all precautions by informing you and planning your trip with the help of a tourist agency. In the following guide, I’ll explain all details.

Plan a trip to California

The first thing you need to do is to choose the itinerary. So go to the agency and get advice from the travel consultants. Or browse the main tour operator sites and consult the opportunities which are proposed to you. But before making a travel decision, check if the tour fees, any extra nights, and airfare are included. At this point, choose the places to visit. For example, organized tours that include coach transport are often preferred.

This way you can visit more places, accompanied by a guide. For example, you can choose to leave Las Vegas by bus and cross the Nevada desert to Death Valley. The latter is a ‘ fascinating desert area rich in morphologies and panoramic views. After that, the journey continues along the Sierra slope to Mammoth Lakes. Then stay overnight in a nearby hotel. You can do the same thing by renting a car. The important thing is to respect the Highway Code and current regulations in California.

Book the flight

At this point, after deciding the route of the trip, you must book the flight. To facilitate this holiday, I suggest you book your flight in advance, by choosing the most convenient offer and greater discounts. However, you have to pay attention to the suggested formulas. The most interesting ones include the booking, which starts from thirty to ninety days. The other proposals include discounts for each tourist package. Or with a share with reserved seats at a lower price until exhaustion.

Prepare the documents

It is very important to prepare the documents. First of all, you need to renew your passport. This is one of the first documents you need to put in your bag along with your entry visa. To these, add the driving license, which must bear the international wording. It is also essential that you take out health insurance, with an adequate ceiling, such as to cover not only the costs of medical care and therapies on the spot. But also the eventual transfer by air to another country or repatriation. Finally, before traveling, write down the useful numbers of the embassy and consulate on your mobile phone.

Hotel, motel, apartment: Where to sleep in California?

In California, as in the rest of the United States, you will find accommodations for all budgets. The hotels are generally more expensive than other destinations. In big cities, prices are often prohibitive, but it is easy to find expensive accommodations even in small villages on the coast. Just to give an example: I had a hard time finding a reservation in Santa Barbara, not because there were no seats, but because they all had very, very high prices.

In my case, it probably affected the fact that I traveled in august! But since this is the condition in which many travels, it could be a common problem for a California vacation. Despite this, you can also find accommodations at lower prices.

Keep in mind that in San Francisco or Los Angeles, you will hardly find a 3-star hotel for less than $ 100 a night. I often found solutions that were closer to $ 200 a night.

You go below that figure looking for a lodge or a motel: an accommodation that immediately makes America! How many have we seen in the various films!!! There are several: some are real chains, which you will find almost everywhere. Prices go down if you settle for a two or three-star hotel. Econo lodge or motel 6 are some of the most famous. The quality differs from a hotel, but it is a very popular accommodation that Americans use frequently. In short, it is enough to adapt a little. They are also very convenient on the road because they always have a nice parking lot.

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