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Best time to visit Phuket

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The paradisiacal island of Phuket is the most popular tourist destination in Thailand. The perfect place to enjoy beautiful beaches, stunning landscapes, and taste the exquisite cuisine of Thailand. A destination to savor it calmly. In this guide, you can discover which is the best time to visit Phuket, as well as the climate of each of its seasons so that you can choose the best option for your trip.

When to travel to Phuket

Thanks to the high temperatures of the island, Phuket is ideal to visit it at any time of the year, although, of course, several differences are depending on the months. One of the best times to visit Phuket is in the months of December to March.

In these months, the humidity is pleasant, without a high probability of rain, and with long hours of sunshine per day. Perfect to fully enjoy your trip.

Especially in the months of December to February, since they are further away from the rainy season. The ideal time to take advantage of all the tourist attractions.

Travel seasons

The high season to travel to Phuket in December to March, since the temperature is more pleasant, with no probability of rain. It is the perfect time to enjoy its beaches and to be able to practice all kinds of water activities.

The average temperature is 32ºC, with an average of 8 hours of sun per day and with a water temperature of 27ºC. In addition, the probability of rain is only 8 days.

The price is higher than the rest of the year and it is more difficult to find accommodation at an affordable price.

The average season to travel to Phuket is in the months of November and April, since the good weather is good during these months, although there is a small probability of rain. This is because in November, the rainy season usually ends and in April it begins, without having a fixed date so that it can be a drawback for your trip.

The average temperature is 31ºC, with an average of 7 hours of sun per day and with a water temperature of 28ºC while the probability of rain is 16 days.

Prices are much cheaper than in the high season and you can beat the heat on its beautiful beaches as they are still perfect for a dip.

The low season to visit Phuket is in the months of May to October, since it coincides with the rainy season. The temperature is overwhelming due to the high humidity and most of the trip will be raining.

The average temperature is 25ºC, with an average of 6 hours of sun per day and with a water temperature of 28ºC. While the probability of rain is 20 days. Prices are much cheaper than the rest of the year, without mass tourism.

The worst time to travel to Phuket

The worst time to visit Phuket all year round is in the low season, from May to October, due to the constant rains.

Despite maintaining a pleasant temperature, the rain can be most annoying to know the attractions of the place, since it rains for days on end, without being able to hike to discover the beautiful green surroundings of the area.

Weather in Phuket

The climate in Sydney is tropical throughout the year, with pleasant temperatures. The rainiest season corresponds to the months of May to October, the sun accompanies throughout the day, but the rains are usually constant, reaching a minimum of 25ºC.

Being the rainiest month in September, with 23 rainy days. In the hottest months, from December to March, the average temperature is 32ºC, making it ideal to enjoy your trip around Phuket fully.

Tips for traveling to Phuket

To access Phuket, it is necessary to have a valid DNI and Passport for the next 6 months. It is also necessary to obtain a tourist visa for Thailand and a photocopy of round trip airline tickets.

In the city, the currency of Bhat is used. I recommend you make the change at the airport or in your city of origin. In most establishments, you cannot pay by card.

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