Guideline to Measure Bicycle Accurately

Basic Fit Guideline to Measure Bicycle Accurately

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Today I wanted to take a few minutes to walk you through a basic bike fit guideline. This is not at all going to be a super-comprehensive bike fit.

But it will give you the basic tools to make sure that your current bike, or maybe a bike that you’re looking at does fit you correctly.

If you’re an avid cyclist, I do recommend investing in a bike fit. So I’m going to quickly get changed and Hop on this dream that we had in for review and give you my basic pointers to make sure that your bike fits you.

Assistant Help to Measure Size

So, here we are going through how to measure a bike. Now let’s talk about what you’re going to need before actually fitting the bike. So, the very first thing you’re going to need is a willing friend.

So, this friend’s going to be the one that actually is looking at you on your bike and making the adjustments, and also you could do it with a mirror.

It’s difficult and I’ve done it and it’s maybe a lot faster. If you have a friend to be looking at you and making the adjustments on the fly.


The second thing is the right tools. So most of the tools you need are probably found on a multi-tool. You will want a torque wrench.

If you are working with carbon and plumb bob, adjust your knee over the pedal spindle, and then finally a measuring tape.

To measure everything once you’re done personally, I take measurements before I adjust my bike and then after just in case, you know, maybe I got something wrong, maybe my knee starts hurting after that fit adjustments.

There is I’m going to go back to where I started and use that as a baseline instead of the fit that is bothering my knee or back.

So, I’m going to put my shoes on and we’re going to get started fitting the bike one that I have in from Jensen USA.

Basic Adjustment

There are basically two options for keeping your bike stable enough to do a bike fit. The first and most preferred method is going to be using a bike.

If you’re a new cyclist and you don’t have a bike trainer today, I’m going to just show you how to lean against a wall.

This is a reason we have that friend to make the adjustments for us. So we’re not leaning, looking to be over.

The next thing I do is I’m going to set my seat height within the range of what I think it’s going to be. Do you have a current bike that you’re super comfortable on to measure the size, If not all we are going to do is fine?

The top of our hip bone and measure it up with the saddle and it should be within range of the same height.

This will depend if you’re on a road bike or a cyclocross bike, a mountain bike, and what type of shoes you have on, but it’s a good place to get you within, you know, an inch of your preferred size.

So next step, I’m going to swing a leg over the bike, lean up against the wall, and clipping very carefully. Not to tip away from the wall.

Seat Height

So, the first thing we would adjust the seat height. You want a nice bend in your knee, not locked out, not too aggressive.

So, when your foot is flat at the bottom of the pedal stroke, you just want to make sure you have a nice Trental bed in there. Next up, we’re going to make sure the seat is comfortable for us.

So, as you can see of wiggling around trying to find that soft spot, and once I find that I’m going to glue my button to place and find the little knot under, by neat and make sure it’s over my pedal and spindle this.

just ensures that the power is being directed straight down to the pedal spindle. And I’m not going to have any knee pain next.

I’m going to look at the angle of my hips, make sure that my hips aren’t too closed off or that my back is it too rounded, meaning that I’m not comfortable in the seat or the bike is in the right length right now.

Another sign the bike doesn’t fit you and you said that if you’re stretching at your shoulders or back for the handler and an ideal road, the bike position might actually look like this.

If your back is nice and flat and feels more comfortable and if your shoulders aren’t stretching, you’re your elbows are nice and relaxed and I’m not in any sort of way.

So that was a super quick walk-through of what I look for in a very basic bike fit. If you have any flexibility issues if you have any knee pain lower back shoulder.


If you cycle any distance, especially Clifton, go find your local bike shop.  You need to find a local bike fit specialist. If you have any questions, if I missed anything, please throw your comments below.

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