8 Tips to Prevent Motion Sickness

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Road trips can be hectic and discomforting if you have travel sickness. Travel sickness is also known as motion sickness. It is experienced while traveling in cars, on the sea, and while being in the air. Motion sickness occurs when your brain is unable to understand the signals being sent to it by your ears, eyes, and other parts of the body. Motion sickness can cause sweating, constant discomfort/ irritation, stomach ache, nausea, vomiting, and so on. All these symptoms can make travelling extremely uncomfortable and scary. In this article from online casinos, we discuss some ways through which you can prevent motion sickness.

1. Avoid eating right before

Eating or drinking right before a car ride or eating and drinking heavily can increase your chances of travel sickness. Eating heavy can cause discomfort as it is, this combined with motion sickness can cause nausea and even vomiting.

2. Don’t drink

Drinking is another substance that induces nausea and vomiting. Alcohol also causes dehydration which might cause headaches and nausea.

3. Pick car diffusers carefully

Strong smells can also induce vomiting or trigger motion sickness. On the other hand, some scents or diffusers might soothe the mind. Take your time to find a subtle scent for your car which does not make you uncomfortable.

4. Pick the correct seat

Middle seats or just the seats at the back can induce motion sickness. Seating in the front passenger seat has been proven to be best for people that have motion sickness.

5. Avoid high-concentration activities

Reading a book, being on your phone, and other activities that require concentration and constant eye focus can increase your chances of feeling sick.

6. Check ventilation

A constant flow of fresh and clean air can help keep the motion sickness away. Proper ventilation reduces the chances of you feeling nauseated.

7. Listen to music

Listening to music is a great way to ensure you don’t feel motion sickness. It is also a much better alternative to reading a book and using your phone if you want to keep yourself busy. Listening to music releases chemicals and hormones that make you feel elevated. Listening to music might even cure you of any pre-existing symptoms of travel sickness. You can also try playing games from casino online South Africa.

8. Engage

Overthinking or overstimulation can both trigger motion sickness. One of the best ways to keep your mind diverted is to engage with everybody else in the car. Having conversations can help you keep busy. If you are travelling alone, call up a friend.

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