islands of Cartagena

5 islands of Cartagena that will leave you speechless

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With its rich culture and powerful tourism industry, Cartagena de Indias is one of the most spectacular destinations in Colombia. Although most people spend their time in the continental part of the area, you can access countless beautiful islands full of nature, adventure, and peace from Cartagena. All the islands of Cartagena that we present below can be accessed by boats that leave from the city, they do not take more than 2 hours to arrive. They offer the possibility of spending the night in various accommodations or returning to the city at the end of the day.

5 islands of Cartagena

Here are the 5 islands of Cartagena that will make you amazed.

Big Island

The largest of the Rosario Islands, Isla Grande, is everything you could expect from a Caribbean paradise: turquoise waters, white sands, and less tumult than other nearby locations. The Big Island is also an extraordinary refuge of nature since, in its 200 hectares, there are three characteristic ecosystems of the islands: tropical dry forest, mangroves, and coastal and inland lagoons.

Apart from enjoying a perfect rest on the beach, trekking trails on the island allow you to connect with the natural world. Another of the most recommended activities that you can do on Isla Grande is to sail in small boats that go through the mangrove tunnels of the island. This unique ecosystem is very common, and exploring it by boat is an experience that you must live.

Pirate island

Tourists rest in front of the beach in Cartagena IslandsThe smallest of the Rosario Islands, the Pirate Island has only 7,500 m2 and is known for its higher level of exclusivity compared to the rest of the Rosario Islands. If it is not difficult for you to spend a little more to enjoy nature without any distractions, in quiet, then this is your place.

Apart from its beaches, Isla del Pirata is a perfect place for diving, thanks to the fact that a barrier of beautiful reefs protects it.

Fort Island

The famous walking tree is a specimen of the Moraceae family of the genus Ficus. The tree spreads its roots throughout the forest, creating a feeling that it moves through the years.

One of the few Caribbean islands that still retain a high level of authenticity, Isla Fuerte can be covered in 6 or 7 hours by walking while you observe how the locals live. Its extensive vegetation of tropical dry forest and mangroves are home to more than 80 species of birds. There are some particularly famous trees on the Isla Fuerte, such as the ancient Walking Tree and the Bonga tree. You can meet both in tourist circuits that are offered on the island. You can also rent a mountain bike and enjoy the same circuits pedaling.

Mucura Island

Islands of Cartagena in photography captured from the airLike Isla Fuerte, Isla Múcura also remains in contact with the local culture. Its environment is a Caribbean dream that welcomes the traveler with its white sands and warm waters. It belongs to the San Bernardo Archipelago, and one of its most recommended activities is snorkeling in the living coral of Bajo Chara, the spectacular sunken islands Maravilla and Panda. You can also swim through the intricate channels of the Tintipán mangrove, where you can see its amazing red roots.

Barú Island

Barú Island is one of the most popular Caribbean escapes from Cartagena, and in 2014 a highway was built that allowed Barú to connect with the mainland. Its most visited attraction is Playa Blanca, which offers a combination of turquoise waters and clear sand worthy of the best Caribbean postcards. In Barú, you will find bars, restaurants, and hotels of all ranges so that you can extend your stay.

However, few know that the waters surrounding Playa Blanca become a true spectacle of nature at nightfall. The show’s protagonists are the luminous plankton, microorganisms that drift from the sea and flashlight when they move. The color is an intense phosphorescent blue that you can detonate every time you move your body in the water or the paddles of a kayak.

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