12 Things Never to do in a Gym

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When it comes to gym etiquette, we already know to avoid cellphone

conversations, re-rack our weights, and curl anywhere outside the squat rack. But there are plenty of lesser-known blunders you could be making at the gym that may upset or disrupt others. Worse, some of these mistakes could negatively affect your health. Take extra precaution and learn the 12 things you should never do in a gym, according to casino Australia. Believe us, you’ll make a lot less enemies.

1 – Hats

Now, we’ve mentioned these before but it’s worth mentioning again. A woolly hat while using the treadmill just brings attention to the fact that you may have terrible hair. Not to mention you are going to get seriously warm. Either invest in some products or shave it off.

2 – Not wiping down the equipment

Would you like to sit in my sweaty butt print? No? Then why should we sit in yours? Remember one of the most important pieces of gym etiquette – spray and towel, people.

3 – Weight hoarding

Got all your weights in a nice pile around you on a Monday night so the rest of the gym can’t use them? That’s nice for you. Shame you can’t show some consideration and let the rest of us use them, not like we’ve come to do a workout or anything…

4 – Bad technique

Think fast, jerky bicep curls are gonna get you those guns? They won’t.

5 – Turning up in a group

Most people head down to the gym on their own or in pairs. This way you can concentrate on your own workout and make your way round as efficiently as possible. Going around in a big group just proves to the rest of us that you’re not doing any serious training and you’re just there to hang out.

6 – Phones

Listening to music? Fine. No problem. Browsing Facebook while chilling out on the leg press? NO.

7 – Drinking energy drinks while walking on the treadmill

Unless you have some specific need like – well – there’s no need. You’re just going to spill it. They should only be used when playing games at casino New Zealand.

8 – Trying to lift too much

Not only will you invoke a dozen eye-rolls, you could actually injure yourself. Don’t show off. Stomping about all red faced while wearing an unnecessarily large weight belt isn’t helping anyone. Including you.

9 – Grunting

Lifting is hard and you do really need to pay attention to breathing. Sometimes it’s impossible to be silent. BUT – we all have someone in the gym that we’ve nicknamed Grunty. Don’t be Grunty.

10 – Using the plyo boxes as seats

Plyo Jump Boxes are fantastic, versatile pieces of equipment. They’re not however, for sitting on. It’s a gym, you’re there to work out, not feed the pigeons.

11 – Staring

We don’t mean death stares – we mean just staring. People love to people-watch – we get it – but trying to outstare your gym nemesis will just turn you into the gym weirdo. Relax and re-adjust your focus back to yourself.

12 – Interrupting someone’s workout

If you see someone counting with a vivid look of determination in their eyes, don’t ask them – and we mean it – DO NOT ask them if they’re using that nearby foam roller or where the water fountain is. Reps and sets are extremely important, especially to those who train seriously. Interrupting someone’s routine will certainly not end well.

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