Location & Overview

The Liberty Public Market is located in Point Loma. Being grounded in military tradition, Liberty Station (formerly the Naval Training Center, San Diego) welcomed its first Navy recruits in 1923.

It is now being transitioned into San Diego’s New Town Square among the surrounding bay communities.

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The market is open daily from 11am to 8pm. Some vendors are open as early as 8am for breakfast and some close later. While all vendors have their own hours, all will be open between the hours of 11am to 8pm.

Please see our List of Shops & Restaurants for more information and specific vendor hours.

Observed Holidays: The Market is closed on Christmas Day and Thanksgiving Day. Individual vendors can choose to observe other holidays at their discretion.

General Contact Information

Liberty Station Public Market
Liberty Station
2820 Historic Decatur Road
San Diego, CA 92106